WHAT WAS YOUR LAST DIOR PURCHASE? *post photos of your beauties here*

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  1. These are amazing, and not what I was expecting! Congratulations!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Saddle.
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  2. 20181224_152243.jpg

    Got this small lady dior wallet in grained goatskin, its a perfect size without being a cardolder.
    I want to think its from the FW18 collection but I couldn't find the date code which wont mean anything for me anyway. the reference number is S0181cgmj_900u, please help?
    BTW any of you who own a similar style of slg, should i be worried about the charms scratching the leather and other things inside my bag?
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  3. It's beautiful! I love the texture of the goatskin.

    I think this is from Spring 2018. A number of goatskin Lady Dior bags were launched during that time. Here's an example of one:
  4. Thank you! I might be converting to Dior after my shopping experience today and they have the most amazing silver.
  5. Thank you! that antique gold with the pink is a serious moment:loveeyes:
    Goatskin texture feels really soft and delicious. its a beautiful material, sadly i dont get to see it that often
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  6. i LOVE blake!!! :heart:
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  7. A very welcome and beautiful Christmas-present : my second bag from Dior : [​IMG]
    Diorama , medium amaranth
  8. New Dior pearl drop earrings! So many beautiful choices to pick from.
  9. Yes! I went from a Chanel girl to a Dior girl. No brand is better (style, quality, service) than Dior!!!
  10. Im in the process of this! Ahaha Ive noticed that the dior part of this forum doesnt get as much love as chanel!
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  11. Dior's service is amazing!
  12. Good to know Sparkle. You have an amazing Chanel collection. I’ll keep my eye out for your Diors.
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  13. Awww! Thank you!!!
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  14. I just bought a MLD on Christmas eve and got the strap with twist and turn pins. As per the SA Dior is bringing back the twist and turn pins and we will see more of them in near future. Hope this helps.
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  15. Very nice.

    What is the designer name for this particular color?