WHAT WAS YOUR LAST DIOR PURCHASE? *post photos of your beauties here*

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  1. My first luxury purchase and definitely not my last :biggrin: After lusting after the Diorama for a year, I finally bit the bullet and went to the boutique today. I got the Diorama woc in grey with silver hardware and the Lovers tarot Mitzah. Originally was going to get it in champagne hardware because I thought silver hardware was no longer available. Glad I found it in silver hardware even though it is the older version. Thanks for letting me share!
    20181222_134430.jpg 20181222_135519.jpg
  2. I haven't seen this older version for a while now. Congratulations! I love the lacquered lock.
  3. Thank you!! :biggrin:
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  4. Bday present from Mr. Sparkle: Studded Ultra Black Diorama WOC B8510BD9-C37F-4A05-9CC8-5209EAC2D0DC.jpeg BC4E8C1E-8333-49D0-B119-46FA7A091932.jpeg
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    My first Dior! Just got it in Rome while on holiday!
    20181219_185908.jpg 20181225_213229.jpg
  6. Just bought this preloved shopping tote for a steal on Fashionphile! Here she is with my Lady Dior. Such a lovely little family![​IMG][​IMG]
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  7. 799A2AA9-986D-4F87-85B4-6623EF96945C.jpeg 0A419D78-2EA2-45EE-BCF3-086F86F4E843.jpeg Just got this baby on Boxing Day yesterday.. yeeek!! Can’t wait to use it!!

    Can you help shed some light regarding the shoulder strap and pins? Is this the “older version” that I have got here? Why would they gave me a older bag? And can I use the new pins on the old shoulder strap? Thank you so much in advance
  8. Are the pins twist-turn or snap-on? If they are snap-on, then they are new. All the pins should have been changed now. Your pins look like the new ones to me, but I am not sure.

    Gorgeous colour by the way.
  9. My first post in the Dior forum but not my first Dior bag. I have this very small coated canvas bag that I purchased well over a decade ago but never use it (thinking to save it for my daughter). I was excited to pick this beauty up today and couldn’t resist the wallet and card holder...oh that snake skin. Presenting the Diorama...

    And then these shoes from D&G look amazing with it [​IMG]

    Thanks for letting me share and joining this awesome forum! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!!!
  10. I love your new Dior items, especially the Diorama Satchel! Congratulations!
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  11. So I went a little Dior-crazy this holiday season...

    This is my kind of Christmas tree


    I unboxed them on Christmas Day in the order of the pile...

    Lady Dior wallet with champagne gold hardware and the navy Toile de Jouy print...


    Followed by a piece I wasn’t expecting to get hold of, but had the sheer luck of stumbling on when I visited the Dior Men’s concession in Harrods and saw on the display mannequin. There were two pieces left in London, in black and navy, and I went with the navy...


    I also needed a new case for my iPad Mini and fell in love with the Bleu de Paris colour from Kris Van Assche’s final collection for Dior Homme...


    Finally, the first piece I got this holiday season, which was only one of three in London... The Toile de Jouy stuffed tiger! I’ve named him Blake after the poet and he is possibly my favourite purchase this season!


    Azzedine’s taken a real shine to him, thankfully!


    And today, just when I thought I was all Dior-ed out, my Dior SA convinced me to pick up yet another Toile de Jouy piece to add to my home...


    My desserts are never gonna look as classy as they will perched on this pretty thing!
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  12. The iPad Mini case...

  13. All lovely, thanks for sharing! I must say, Blake must be my favorite as well :biggrin: And I also like that your cat is names Azzedine :biggrin:
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  14. Thank you hun! They are the twist and turn pins :sad: I want the new pins.. not sure why I got the old version
  15. That is strange, although they still have old pins in stock. I suggest buying any other old style pins that you want now, before they are all gone.