what was your HH inspiration?

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  1. I just realized that it's the air and water show in Chicago this weekend (due to the Blue Angels' LOUD practice runs right now) and it made me realize that an Ibiza in olive would be a perfect addition to my HH collection.
    (Also, it reminded me that perhaps I should invest in some noise reduction headphones for the weekend!)

    At any rate, what inspired one of your recent HH purchases? Birds? A glass of wine? Tulips? Worms?
  2. I just love HH and the Havana and Clutch Wallet being discounted means it's meant to be!
  3. All the beautiful pics and comments the other TPFr's post on here is what drew me in.:party::party: Thanks everyone and please keep posting your purchases. Very inspiring!
  4. Everybody's posts, and the sale prices. Also, borrowing from Stella on Project Runway, it's the "leatha."
  5. ^^^^ That made me crack up! :roflmfao: I was totally hearing the accent and all! It's DEFINITELY the leatha!!!
  6. I went to Guatemala this summer, and decided I needed a nice bright canvas tote, so I got the green Montauk. I went to New York this spring, so I decided I needed a white Thalia to go with my new dresses. Now that school is starting, I'm thinking I need a satchel for my laptop...

    so, pretty much every occassion inspires me! and of course the sale prices inspire me most of all.