What was your gateway bag?


Dec 31, 2010
so I know how they have gateway drugs...dont do pot cause your will turn into a crack addict and all :lol:, so what was your gateway bag? I went from walmart bags to jcpenny bags to coach then to LV. When I bought the bag from jcpenny I thought i was living large since it cost 50 dollars lol! THen I found coach and the outlet center...after coach became so common I moved onto LV and have not looked back. I do visit the outlet every so often and buy some small items if they are cute just because the prices are so good I can walk out with 5 things for under 100 dollars lol. Just got a really cute coach kisslock coin purse for 25 dollars brand new at outlet :smile:. I havent really checked out the other brands too much (gucci, burberry etc) just because I love how LV never goes on sale and has no outlets so it stays more exclusive.


Jun 5, 2008
hmm, first some brand name from macy's back in the day...then coach, then tokidoki's? i spent waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much on those! (was kinda obsessed and have since sold them all!) then somehow I started looking at LV prices and fell down the rabbit hole...:giggles:
Dec 17, 2010
Wow, JcPenney was my bag place too OP! I went from JCP to Dooney & Burke to Coach and then LV! I too get little small items from the Coach outlets because of the price. I've looked into Gucci a bit I just haven't pulled the trigger because I'm afraid the bag will show up later at the outlet.


~i LVoe/Hate LV!~
May 5, 2008
I started with Dooney & Bourke. Never was a Coach fan (except shoes) because it was so common. Then i got really into Isabella Fiore, Prada, and Juicy Couture. Then i moved onto LV and it is all i pretty much own. I'm starting to branch out again however.


Aug 22, 2007
Definitely COACH. Those were the coveted bags when I was in high school and the girls who had boyfriends who were military brats always got one for a b'day present (no tax on base!). I tried Dooney but it just wasn't my style and thought if I want something in Monogram why not LV. I think the first one that caught my eye was an Ambre Tote...I thought it was the perfect beach/pool bag. Then I was working at a 5 star hotel and one of the guest had a dog carrier that I thought was the cutest thing ever. My first was the LV Cherry Blossom Pap and then the Petit Bucket was next...downhill ever since.
Jun 21, 2010
Coach for me as well... I was one of those crazy ladies holding onto 10 different purses at the outlet and trying each one on in front of the mirror before letting any go! I remember my first few Coach's I bought at the actual boutique but regret spending so much since I found out about the outlets! :pout:

Before Coach I would use bags purely for function from random places like The Gap, Nine West, Kenneth Cole, Mexx, Puma, etc.


Jan 27, 2011
I started at COACH. With my mom always purchasing dozens of Coach bags for me at the outlet through out my high school years. Then everyone had Coach and my senior year only the "girly girls" had Juicy Couture, which is when I bought my first Juicy purse with my own money.
I ruined both Juicy bags that I bought because of the velour :cry:
So I purchased a Black Abbey Gucci Tote bag which I am using right now,
as I am saving up for my first LV.

And I also want to add, I moved away from Coach because after a year or so of having the bag, they would start to tear badly. One of my co-workers got me interested in LV because there bags last SO long which is great


Jul 3, 2010
Coach was my gateway bag. I never, ever carried the bags with C's all over them though. Just wasn't my style. But now living on an army base all the women carry coach. Everywhere you turn theres a bag with giant C's on it! I've only seen 1 other LV & it was Speedy Azur. I plan on getting the speedy Ebene & only using my Coach bag when I need to have the ability of hands free (it's a crossbody/satchel)


Apr 14, 2011
My first designer bag was a Coach, I got it for high school graduation. From there, I went on only to buy Coach, Dooney & Bourke, and then took the plunge for LV. Unlike most of you, I still love Coach and DB. They may have a lot of bad designs, but there are some great ones in there too. (And so much variety!)