What was your "gateway" bag?

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  1. And how did you bag habit escalate? I started out Kate Spade --> Coach --> Kooba--> Chloe.

    I still love my Koobas, though.:heart:
  2. Apologies if this thread has been done before!
  3. Not sure if mine was a straight-line succession, but I remember really liking Coach bags, then when Kate Spade broke out on the scene with her rectangular nylon bags I had a few, then I made the leap to MJ and LV. Now I'm all over the place.
  4. I bought a $300 Kate Spade purse as my 1st "designer" bag.

    Now it's all Marc Jacobs, LAMB, Zac Posen...for me
  5. hmm . . I guess mine was something like:
    D&B in high school and Coach in college. . . liked them but didn't really love bags or care much yet at that time.
    For me it started when I got my first Kate Spade diaper bag, then onto Burberry, then Gucci, LV and finally Chanel.
  6. My first designer bag was my pink hermes BB.

    Now, I live for, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Fendi, Gucci, Marc Jacobs & Chloe (my name :p)
  7. One vintage Fendi (Doctor's bag style) --> One vintage Gucci (Boston bag style) --> One vintage Vuitton Speedy 25 --> That's all she wrote.
  8. LV Blue Denim Mini Pleaty now I just buy Chanel
  9. Hmmm... good question. I never really felt like I had to carry a 'brand', but I was a Coach fan for a number of years; not so much for the "Coach" part, but because they were simply the best quality handbags that I knew of. Then I discovered Hayden-Harnett and this forum and now I have walked through that gate into Balenciaga (wallets) and plan on a Balenciaga handbag sometime in 2008. And again, not for the 'brand' name, but because it's a well-made and designed product.

    So ... Coach > Hayden-Harnett > Balenciaga.
  10. My first designer bag was a coach bag. Not a signature but a beautiful purple Tortilla hobo. I loved it! then followed a few more leather coach bags and a wallet. Then I discovered Kooba. A few months later this forum. Now I have a Botkier as well and lusting after many other bags a "love Me" BE being number one right now.
  11. Ohhhh...I forgot also have a gryson skye.
  12. Hmm....mine went kinda like this...

    One black bag, one brown bag --> Liz Claiborne, Marc Ecko, Baby Phat --> Fake LV (Embarassing, but I'm honest) --> Dooney & Bourke --> Tokidoki for LeSportsac, Steve Madden, Marc by Marc Jacobs, MICHAEL by Michael Kors, Anna Corinna --> :love: REAL LV / L.A.M.B. :love: and hopefully-----> Goyard
  13. For me, it all started with my mom buying a Dooney & Bourke. This was back when they were all of the same leather, just different colors. I was drawn to the duck logo! Forgive me, for this was the 80's. :smile:

    I borrowed hers, then was gifted one of my own! :wlae:

    From there, it was all about Coach.

    Fast forward to a few more obscure European offerings from my time spent living in London.

    Then? Oh, man...it was all about LV. That was a long-holding love that I haven't quite shaken. I dabbled in Gucci, Prada, Tods...always returned to my main man, Louis.

    I had a brief fling with Tracy Reese and I love the bag that I have from her-it's my current go-to Winter bag.

    Now, I am on a quest for the end-all, be-all of bags: Hermes. I am pursuing a Herbag with a tenacity that my parents would have loved, had it been focused on my school.

    :yahoo: I love handbags!!!!
  14. It all started with Coach, which I carried almost exclusively from high school through law school. Then I found a Bulga butterfly tote on the clearance table at Nordstrom for super cheap. After that it became an addiction. So I credit the Bulga butterfly tote for the army of handbags I own now.
  15. My first "high end" bag was this LV Multicolor Alma ... I still have her, the only LV I have now ....


    My favorite bags are Chanel with Balenciaga a close second :p
    Before this, I usually just carried Guess, Liz Claiborine or Nine West bags ... Oh how my wallet misses those days! LOL!!!