What was YOUR first word?

  1. I just opened the thread about "what was the first thing you said" thinking it was about our first words but it wasn't. and thats okay but it made me want to start an "our first words" thread. Heres my story:

    I was 8 months old. My mom was dressing me and naming all my clothes off like she always did. When she got to my feet I said, "shoe". How ironic is that???:lol: My dad said I never stopped talking since.

    What was YOUR first word and how old were YOU?
  2. i have no idea i'll have to ask my mom
    it was probably something boring like mama or dada
  3. ^^^love your chanel cuff btw...
  4. i asked my mom right now....i said "ma-ma" when i was a year and a half..she said about a month later i said "pa-pa".
  5. I'm not sure how old I was, but I handed my dad a juicebox and said, "open." I haven't stopped talking/eating/drinking since!
  6. (I meant non-alcoholic drinking :p)
  7. omg this is so cute!!
  8. It was 'echte', which is Dutch for 'real'! (Weird, I know, but that's because we had a big bowl of fake, plastic strawberries on the table, and I loved strawberries, so when I wanted to eat one I yelled 'ECHTE!', so my mom and dad would know I wanted a real strawberry and not a fake one :p)
  9. Augie

    (My chocolate labs name- hes 15 now!)
  10. My daughter's second word was Prada - literally she said prah-dah. Her first word was Hema which is a kind of Target style store in Holland where we lived at the the time so at least she was improving her taste!
  11. My first word was "clock." We had a grandfather clock with Winchester chimes and my mom would say "clock" every time it rang. I am like you, bagnshoo -- I said my first word at 8 months and just took right off! My mom remembers having a telephone conversation with me while she was in the hospital after my sisters were born. I was 14 months old. She just bought me the "Little Miss Chatterbox" t-shirt. :lol:
  12. I started talking when I was 8 months too and I started walking when I was 9 months. My mom says that my first word was Mama and papa. But papa as in food and not dad she always says that so my dad gets it straight. LOL!
  13. These are so cute! :nuts:

    I'm not sure what my first word was, but my mom likes to tell the story of when I got tired of my pacifier, I walked up to my mom, took the pacifier out of my mouth and said, "I told you seven times, I don't want this anymore." I never saw another pacifier again :p
  14. I think mine was juice. I guess I wanted some juice...
  15. "mama"
    boring, I know.