What was your first purchase and how you came upon TOKIDOKI ! ! !

  1. I'd like to hear everyone's story about their first experience of Tokidoki and what they bought first, why, how etc!!!:yahoo:
  2. MY TOKI STORY....

    My hubby gave me a beautiful bubble bag from D & B, I had seen a pic. of it and gave him a hint for V'day that I'd like that bag. He surprised me with it, but then I changed my mind about it, figuring I wouldn't get to carry it much because of my current lifestyle. So, I started searching the internet to see what kind of bags were out there that I was interested in, and saw the Harajuku bags, loved them, but in the search for more of those, up popped Tokidoki (on eBay) and then I was in :heart: with those designs and the functionality, casual look of the bags! I wanted the paradiso print really bad and couldn't find it on the websites and decided I wanted the ciao ciao, so I waited a few days watching eBay and one popped up for a "buy it now" and I got it in 2 days! Since I had never seen one in person before, when it came I was wowed by how beautiful the colors and the design of the characters were! So much thought going into the designs! :love:
  3. I've had a small LeSportsac pouch or two in the past years and I like the brand but this is how I got into Tokidoki:
    Last trip I had was to Bangkok, Thailand just end of February. I was deciding on which bag to bring for the trip because I was very hesitant to bring my LV bags because the designs and styles I have are not really for "on-the'go". So I found a super old Samsonite tote at the back of my closet and reluctantly decided I'd have to bring that. As my trip progressed, I was sooo surprised how functional the tote was, how I could squeeze everything in and how easy it was to carry! As I went around malls, I saw TONS of LeSportsac and I got the idea to buy one of the totes for shopping trips. I started looking around and saw Tokidoki prints for the first time and found them cute. But it was only at the airport, on the way home, that I saw the pirata print and fell in love with it! I bought the buon viaggio and used it even before the SA took my payment for it. LOL!:yahoo:
  4. I don't remember where I first saw tokidoki....possibly my sister-in-law. I'd been looking at them from the start, and alllllmost got a playground cangurino, but chickened out like an idiot.

    Then foresta came out, and I HAD TO GET IT. And I did.
  5. I saw one an ad for it in a magazine and fell in love with how unique it was so I went to Macys to look at them, etc. I ended up not buying one because I bought other stuff with my money but about a month ago, I was like ahh, what the hell, I'm going to buy the Scuola for school because my shoulders hurt like hell when I wear tote bags.

    I bought the Citta print on eBay and two days later, I checked the Tokidoki website and saw the Pirata print... now I'm in love with that and I'll be getting it very soon! :love:
  6. I seen the bags a year ago on UO but I chickened out because of the price. Not sure what peaked my interest in them again? I must have been internet surfing and came across the bags again. So I finally broke down and bought my first Toki two weeks ago from Nords.
  7. i've liked tokidoki for a few yeares now...first started when my bf saw the "rising sun" shirt and every once in a while i'd see tokidoki here and then on the internet and fell completely in love with his site!

    later on i find out he's doing BAGS with lesportsac and i thought, "oh boy! this is gonna be pricey"...first print came out...I was ok with it...cuz i thought i'd never be able to afford it...didn't even know playground print came out...Then I saw Citta Rosa...and then Foresta popped out! I was HOOKED! Had to buy something! My bf got me a Foresta Trenino for my bday..n the rest is history =)
  8. I always liked lesportsac bags and occasionally checked the website for new stuff. When the first Tokidoki line came out I love it but never bought anything because it cost more than the regular lesport bags and when I finally did make up my mind to buy all the ones I liked were sold out! I saw a canguro at UO but like frogbubbles I chickened out. I kepy watching the prints, I liked playground but never liked the cammo prints. When Citta Rosa came out I said I wanted it since it had airplanes on it but I was going to wait to find one on sale. My husband suprised me with a citta Rosa scuola full of my favorite candy for my birthday and that was that.
  9. For me its all started last summer when my friend's bf showed me the tokidoki 8" qee (the newer qee on our bags). I like qees and dunnys, I wanted to get that tokidoki qee. So I googled and ebayed it and guess what came out - playground lesportsac bags! I was in :heart: right away. So I ended up using the $$$ i wanted to spend on that qee into my very first stellina playground. Since then I'm addicted :p
  10. I've been a lurker here for awhile, so I thought I would introduce myself in this thread. My name is Krystle and I'm a Tokidoki addict.
    Tokidoki had been around me all the time, but I never really paid attention to it. My friend was showing me Tokidoki shirts at Virgin Records. Another friend bought a Sandy vinyl toy at Urban Outfitters. I saw the playground print and went crazy for it. I didn't have the money to afford one though. There was this other occasion when I was at the mall and I saw 5 girls with really big Tokidoki and Harajuku Lovers bags. I told myself that someday I would have a huge Tokidoki bag (and a Harajuku bag to boot ;)).
    I got a cammo olive playground bambino from a friend for Christmas, which made me super excited!
    By luck, a coworker sold me a playground stellina (this was long after they were sold in stores), since she got a cucciolo. That's when the craze started. :smile:
  11. Hi Sandy! Glad you stopped lurking. :smile:
  12. I saw an add for the original prints in a vogue magazine. I looked them up online and they were all sold out! I had to watch ebay like a hawk to get my first mama mia. I ended up paying $180 for it, but it was worth it :smile:
  13. FrogBubbles said: Hi Sandy! Glad you stopped lurking. :smile:

    Thanks for the welcome! :smile:
  14. my afternoon aide has the original print and playground bv's... she wore the original print one one day and i thought it was so cute!! so i asked her about it and she's in love with the lesportsac tokidoki bags. i'm a coach girl, myself, having a **** ton in containers under my bed... but i went anyway because i love cute things. so i went to ala moana and they had the foresta and rosa/citta prints. i thought they were expensive for the material they're made of, and they're more expensive than the normal lesportsac bag. but i knew about lesportsac's quality (apparantly not in china, though!) and i just fell in love with the foresta print. unfortunately, by the time i decided to buy one, all that was left was the bella in foresta. it was okay because i wanted that style anyway... bought it for about $164 w/ tax. but then i went on e-bay, found one with better print placement, and $30 cheaper! so i bought that, and returned the one i bought at the store once i got it in the mail and inspected it.

    ah, memories... :rolleyes:
  15. Welcome Krystle! I'm fairly new here myself, having signed up just this month!!!