What was your first LV?

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  1. As you can see by my name, I'm a Coach fan. LOVE Coach but feel I need a change. I've been obsessing over LV for a few months now and will make the splurge when I'm in Paris this June. I'm probably going with the Speedy 25 (I don't like big bags).

    It just got me wondering............what was your first?? Do you still have it? Does it hold a special place in your :heart:?
  2. monogram pochette -its 7 years old & the zipper is broken now =\
  3. It was a Speedy 35, it's about 3 years old now but I love it as much today as the day I bought it. I think that if you decide to go with the Speedy you will never regret it. The Speedies are classic bags.:tup:
  4. Trevi PM - 5 months old. Have a blast in Paris - that'll be such a great "souvenir"! And you can't go wrong with a classic speedy. =)
    And seeing as how it's less than a year old it def. still holds a special place in my heart...lol! =P
  5. My first LV bag was the MC Boulogne 4 years ago. I haven't used her in awhile... perhaps I should drag her out :yes:.
  6. My first was a mono Trouville. I adored that bag!:yes:
  7. monogram pouchette! ..i use her as a wristlet...LOVE IT! I got her....7-8 years ago? somewhere in there
  8. Speedy 35 and I sold it. :sad:
  9. speedy 25
  10. cherry blossom pouchette
  11. My first LV was the Speedy 25 that my husband gave me for a wedding present:heart: It will be 20 years old next month. Although I really don't use it much anymore, I will never let it go! Someday, my daughter will get it.
  12. mono keepall 60 - SOLD
  13. Mono speedy 25, purchased a lifetime time ago! Found it too small so gave it to my sister and bought the mono speedy 30.
  14. White MC alma ( in my avatar) still love it and the colours are as vibrant as when I bought it.:yes:
  15. My first was a Monogram Canvas Alma. I always feel like a proper "lady" when I use it. That's probably why it's been in the closet for a while. NeoCabby GM these days.