What was your first LV purse? And do you still have it?

  1. Mine was the Beverly Clutch, almost 10 years ago now when I was 18! I never use it anymore so I should probably sell it, but it's too sentimental I think :P It certainly triggered an LV addiction though :lol: What was yours? [​IMG]
  2. Cabas piano in 2007. I sill have it but it's being stored at my parent's house as my family and I moved to a developing country a couple years ago and didn't want to carry a LV around. Moved to Europe last year where I can use it so I'm having them bring it when they visit this year.
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  3. I think it was a Speedy. I sold it since only hand carry is not for me ;)
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  4. My first Louis Vuitton purchase was the Greenwich GM in Damier Ébène almost 20 years ago. I still own it. :smile: I keep it at my home in France and use it while there. It's quite the workhorse!

    Here is a stock photo:
  5. IMG_0278.JPG Mine was a Speedy... Yes, I still have it....I will never part with it as it was also my first designer bag.
    I remember sitting at Les Deux Magots in Paris and asking the lady sitting at the next table what her great bag was.
    I didn't know anything about Vuitton at the time..
    Couldn't believe it was mine when I bought it...:smile::smile:
  6. Boulogne. Sold it. I still love the designer and have some of their other handbags.
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  7. That's very cool you have a vintage piece where you're the first and only owner!
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  8. That's some lovely patina. How old is she?
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  9. She is.... nearly 40 years old!:smile::smile:
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  10. Mine was a petit noe from the 90s. Gift from my parents. Photo is my avatar
    I recently sold it though because the vachetta was disintegrating and coming off in pieces along the top after a long, well used life and the cost of replacement was about the same as a new bag. Loved that piece.
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  11. Mine was a Palermo PM, I cherished it so much, I probably only used it 5 times. It was always babied and in its dust bag :P
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  12. Have you ever regretted selling your first piece?
  13. Mine was a French Company Speedy 25 - still have it!
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  14. Mine was the Speedy 30 and I miraculously still have it. This is a pic from a thread over a year old but it still looks the same IMG_1133.JPG
  15. A Speedy 30... I would love to get the leather on it redone, but I think the inside has some kind of mildew or mold growing into it.