What was your first LV purchase?

  1. 2001: pochette florentine. Still have and love it!
  2. Luco.....saw it and had to have it.
  3. Thames Gm...I love the bag because it's versatile and comfortable...just not crazy about the gold plate now. It gets scratched very easily. Now I want a tote so either totally or neverfull :smile:
  4. Mono croissant - beautiful, pre-loved and what started me on this LV forum and my collection.
  5. 2010: Damier Ebene Alma
  6. A wallet for my boyfriend back in '06
  7. Luco Tote:smile:and i regret selling it because LV no longer makes it:sad:
  8. Neverfull mono MM
  9. Petit Bucket. Long gone.
  10. Pocket organizer in mono :smile: love it still :smile:
  11. It was a lifetime ago - for me, it was the old mono bucket shape and a speedy for my mom as a gift. I actually haven't thought about that bag in years.
  12. Monogram KeepAll 55 :smile:
  13. Mono Alma.
  14. Monogram Alma (2004)
  15. Monogram pochette 10 years ago.