What was your first LV purchase?

  1. My first purchase was a cerise sac plat! :love:
  2. Mono Papillon 26 :smile:
  3. Monogram Alma.
  4. mandarin jasmine
  5. Mine was also a mono papillon 26! well for a bag... first purchase was actually a mono accordeon wallet
  6. Red epi petit noe
  7. First LV = Hudson PM (present from my parents)
    First LV I purchased myself = black MC Alma
  8. First LV was a monogram Key 4-key holder purchased for me to hold the keys to my first car. 79'ish. I still have it as a keepsake.

    First purchase a monogram speedy 1980's at I Magnin in California now there's a piece of history...:nuts:
  9. Mono Speedy 30. I just got it a few days ago, and I'm already plotting my next LV purchase.
  10. Cerises Pochette :heart:
  11. Red epi jasmin :love:
  12. Porte Cartes Simple
  13. My first purchase was a double one. :drool: My husband and I just went a bit crazy in the Neimen Marcus at Tyson's... I couldn't decide so he got me the Denim Speedy AND the Mono Klara. :yahoo: What a sweetie. I got him the Damier wallet and Damier cell phone holder... so maybe it was a quadruple purchase technically (since its all our money)... :confused1:
  14. mono pochette when it was only $100 back then.
  15. mini hl