What was your first LV purchase

  1. mine was a keepall 55, whats yours ?
  2. Popincourt Haut and White MC Wapity - so far my only purchases.
  3. White MC pochette and small matching wallet:love:
  4. Mine was a monogram speedy 30. It's still one of my most favorite bags.
  5. BH and Perfo Speedy, sold both....then got a denim baggy GM, so far my only LV bag!!! i like LV small accessories better, own a mc koala wallet, damier agenda and counting!!!^^
  6. :love: :love: my first purchase... a speedy 25:heart:
  7. Speedy 25 last August/September
  8. Lucille GM in the Monogram Mini (Cherry color) but then decided to get something else because it had a defect in it (seams came apart and was glued, not sewn), so then I got a Damier Parioli.
  9. mono papillon 26
  10. Fuschia Denim Baggy PM
  11. monogram recital!
  12. Epi Petit Noe in red back in 1995
  13. Cabas Piano last week. Will probably be my only ever LV, but I really like those denim ones!!!
  14. My first LV was a gift (it was Ellipse PM) but the first one that I bought myself was mono speedy 30.:smile:
  15. Damier Speedy 25.
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