What was your first LV purchase? Second?

  1. first: Cabas Piano
    second-to-be: Mono Speedy 25(tomorrow! :biggrin:)

    i'm cutting up my cards after that. :shame:
  2. First: mono pochette
    Second: Damier speedy 25 :love:
  3. 1st- Mono Speedy 35
    2nd- Damier Speedy 30
    On Wednesday, Nov. 1--Damier Azur Speedy 30

    I can't wait!!! :smile:
  4. first: mono speedy 30
    second: hopefully this sat!!! azur pochette!
    third: next year, feb HOPEFULLY! daimer speedy 25!

  5. First: Mono Alma
    Second: Manhattan GM

    After that I swore I would stop...but:
    Third: Blue Groom Agenda
    Fourth: Mono Zippy Wallet

    Then I was really going to stop, however:
    Fifth: Mono Papillon 30
    Sixth: Mono Trouville
    Seventh: Cerises Speedy

    Which is why I am on a ban!!!
  6. First: mono speedy 30:yahoo: (My first LV love...)
    2nd: Agenda (black vernis i think..) January!! yay!!
    3rd: Batignolles Horizontal January as well!! I cant wait!!
    4th: mono speedy 25 for my mom on mother's day (May, 07)

    yeah, i have this planned out..lol.
  7. 1st - popincourt haut
    2nd - pochette accessories
  8. Socal girl-- are they coming out with black vernis? I haven't seen it yet! I bet it will be TDF!!
  9. First was a MM looping, 2 weeks later I bought the keepall 55 :smile:
  10. 1st - mono speedy 30
    2nd - BH
    3rd - red epi bucket
    4th - trying to figure out which wallet to buy!
  11. 1st: cherry blossom pochette
    2nd: cabas mezzo
    after that: BH, wallet, wapity, ipod case
    this week: black mc trouville and hopefully soon after azur speedy
  12. 1st: mono sac plat
    2nd: mono montsouris GM backpack
  13. 1st: MC pouchette
    2nd: mono speedy 25 (waste of money for me it was WAY too small-gave it away)
  14. 1st: musette tango
    2nd: mono speedy 30 (Love it!!!)
    One day....... Batignolles Horizontal
  15. 1st was a Lodge Pm in black MC
    Second was a mono speedy 30 + a matching compact zip mono wallet (purchased on the same day)
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