What was your first LV bag?

  1. I don't know if this had been asked before. I try searching, but didn't come up with anything. So I decided to ask it. If there's a thread about this, plz direct me to it.

    And I will start. My first was the Klara.
  2. whoa! your FIRST was the Klara! i wish!
    mine was the Marelle sac a dos!
  3. My first was a Speedy...still my favorite bag
  4. my first was the white Multicolore Pochette Accessoires. i don't use it anymore because it's too small and i'm into BIG bags now, but i can't get rid of it because it was a birthday gift from my dad :love:
  5. My very first was the Monogram Bucket bag followed quickly by the Cabas Mezzo guess you know I like big bags :smile:
  6. I believe my first one was my mono petit bucket which was ruined in a flood.
  7. The Damier Bastille, still my most used.
  8. My first LV was a Manhattan PM :smile:
  9. It was a Speedy 40.
  10. my mono pochette, :love: :heart: :love:
  11. I had a hard time choosing my first LV. I kept exchanging than, finally I picked the petit bucket bag. Which I do not have anymore.:sad:
  12. My first was a poppincourt haut. My mother has since adopted her.
  13. Mono petite bucket in 99 quickly followed by the mono pochette accessories when it first came out and was only 145!
  14. mine was a mc white pochette!
  15. Mine was a Vernis Reade... I think have it.. but my dog chewed on the handles.. hehe