What was your first Juicy?

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  1. Mine is the starter charm bracelet and the bubble bath charm! Recently ordered those together :smile:
  2. So funny!! The engagement ring key chain was also my first Juicy! Then came the daydreamer purse, the lucky girl necklace, Juicy bracelet, princess stud earrings, Juicy headbands, and finally a purple velor tracksuit!! Needless to say, I'm a total Juicy girl!
  3. my first juicy was the pink tropical cocktail charm i got it super cheap on ebay cause it didn't come with the box
  4. Yeah the engagement ring key chain definitely started my love for juicy too!! I got a black velour tracksuit right after and then came the pink daydreamer.. I also got a black terry dress and a ring about a month ago : p
  5. My first Juicy was a red velour hoodie. I still have it and wear it occasionally.
  6. my first juicy was the gold starter bracelet (: that was in higschool
  7. My first Juicy item was also the Engagement Ring key chain. Then I bought my first Daydreamer, and totally fell in love.. (I got a black fairytale). Then I bought a wallet to match the purse, then another Daydreamer (cheetah) and so on. I have so much stuff now.. And it seems like I always find something new I want!

    But I almost never buy at full price. I am always on the hunt for bargains.
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    My first Juicy was a pair of sunglasses I found at TJ Maxx. Then I got a cell phone case, an ipod case, a Daydreamer and a jewelry box. Then I got into the jewelry and charms and never looked back!
  9. My first Juicy was the Pave heart necklace which I got as a gift from my boyfriend! :smile:
  10. I am the same way, unless it's limited edition items.

  11. a pink velour hoodie=)
  12. Wow. I can't believe how popular the key ring is. But, it's gorgeous! My 1st was the strawberry charm. The engagement ring key ring was one of my 1sts, too. I get so many compliments on that thing!
  13. a blue-green velour hoodie and that was what started my addiction to their velour hoodies :smile:
  14. Mine was the enamel Cherries charm, which is still one of my favorites. I used it as a purse charm on my LV cerises Speedy.