What was your first job?


Feb 5, 2006
Or what do you think is the best kind of first job? I'm planning on working for the first time ever this spring or summer, and I need ideas! I know if I work retail, I'll probably spend everything I earn with my employee discount. Is it hard to get a job as like a receptionist/secretary with no experience at age 18?
My first job was a gas station attendant at a full serve gas station!!:P That's right, people, I used to pump gas and check under the hood!!!:lol: :lol: :lol:
my first job was as a sales associate at macy*s. I was surprised that I got the job since I was a little over 16yrs.old! It was quite the experience and you're right, I never saw my paycheck...
I was a telephone operator for AT&T during the summer before my first semester of college. I was working full time, 6 days a week, had no social life that summer, but it really paid off. The money was great. And I learned some really valuable things about customer service at an early age.
My first job was at Ernst and Young, one of the BIG 4. :smile: It was interesting. Definitely do something you like. Why don't you get a job as a SA in a purse department. You will also get discounts !!!!
My dad ran a big business and I was lucky to be allowed to work there starting when I was really young. I've had other jobs, but I've kept this one since I can pretty much come and go as I like. I currently work there one day a week and it really helps while I'm in school. It's fun, because I've learned so much there and I've worked in all the different departments. Recently they've let me do work for them that I'm training for in school and I'm holding a big presentation there in a few weeks, FUN :biggrin: It'll look great on my resume too, especially since I'll have a new last name when I'm going job hunting and they won't know that I actually worked for my dad :P
At the age of 12 I had to work every summer holiday at my Dad's company. He owns a international import/export business and I had to help with office stuff. With 16 I worked in summer at an Italian ice cream shop and in winter I packed presents in a parfum shop. There I never saw my money in cash just in beauty products;)
My first job was at the Body Shop.. I think retail work is what most people do first, or fast food, and you probably have to build up your resume first unless you've got the inside track somewhere !
my first job was at Sears, and it majorly sucked. I hate that store.
and chances are that you won't get any type of sales position (especially not commissioned) without prior retail experience, so you might wanna settle for cashiering for awhile (unless you have good hookups!).
if money is #1 priority, get a job as a hostess and then move on to serving tables, or become a bartender.
if getting a secretarial position is # priority, try doing some volunteer work first. almost any charity needs office workers. then you can claim the experience.
My first job was at a bakery when I hit 18. They let us eat for free there so I sampled every cake and bread ever made there. :nuts: Big mistake: I had bread for breakfast, pastries for lunch, and cake for dinner. And I always go home with more pastries leftovers. I gained like 10 lbs over the summer and had to quit when school started. Good thing I went back to my normal weight afterwards. Otherwise, I would have been a fat ass! :lol:
My first job was being a life guard. It was SO boring, but I was 16 and it was at the pool where a swam on the team, so after practice I would just chill out and sit on my tall life guard chair!

If you have any family friends that needs a secretary, that might help your foot to get in the door.