What was your first *gasp* over your handbag. Accidents, or near misses.

  1. My first gasp was when I wore a Balenciaga on an outing with my children to an outdoor Childrens Festival. A performer sprayed some water into the audience and we were first row. I must have looked like some hideous woman monster from an old Disney movie because I audibly *GASPED* and grabbed my bag to check without a second though.

    My second gasp came after I said this at a restaurant:
    "I'm putting my bag under my trenchcoat, I'm worried, with red wine around."
    I then proceeded to spill red wine on myself. Thankfully a foot away from a covered Chloe... but still...*gasp*

    Et toi?
  2. The other day I slipped in the parking lot and fell. As soon as I could get up, I checked my Paddington to see if it was okay. I then thought, wow, my hip kind of hurts and I had a small cut on my ankle. I am okay, but later on I realized how obsessed I was about my purse.
    As a physical therapist I figured I could fix whatever was wrong with my body myself as long as I didn't need orthopedic surgery. I seemed more concerned to see if my purse was damaged. Luckily, both I and the purse are okay!
  3. My most major gasp was when a friend borrowed my treasured gold Fendi baguette, and left it in a taxi. It took me quite a while to get over it...actually until I bought another one!!!!
  4. Many years ago I walked up brick stairs at home to a concrete landing, fell and slidddddddd on my brand new $500. red shiny calf leather Miu Miu bag.
    :wtf::wtf::wtf: I was in shock there for a few minutes.

    Amazingly, it responded well to cleaning with leather care cream and wasn't ruined. A little seasoned, perhaps...
  5. hi winona,

    Talk about bad luck, on the FIRST day I brought my Mono Speedy 25 out, it overcasted and started sprinkling...I was sad when the vachetta was hit with a raindrops. lol. Couple of weeks later, a waitress spilled A GLASS OF WATER on my bag.( i wiped it immediately, but still! )...i've recuperated from that incident but I'm still at that paranoid stage! lol
  6. One of the first times I took my grey Bbag out I put her in the car and shut the door on the tassles, so they hung out down the freeway at high speeds. When I got home, since I did not know the tassles were trapped in the door, I grabbed the bag and of course was stopped in my tracks as she was stuck in the door. Amazingly, since the tassles did not actually drag on the ground they were not damaged.
  7. I was in college and visiting my bf at his parents' house and the night before we had gone out and I had used a leather prada evening bag, which was the first bag I bought myself, with my own money. I traveled with a dustbag but did not put it away in the dustbag the night before, just stuck it in my luggage figuring I'd pack everything up the next morning after I showered. Well, after sleeping in and taking a rushed shower, I threw a razor into my luggage w/o thinking and it sliced some of the leather off! I was so upset! Luckily my leather guy was able to fix it and you can only tell if you know what you're looking for.
  8. Ok, well back in July I was in NYC with some of my friends and we were at the Angelika Film Center and I decided to get popcorn. So I paid, and I was holding my beloved Coach purple signature wallet, and I went to go and put butter on it. Well the thing that you pump to get the butter out was kind of broken so the first time I pumped it, some of it squirted out, but I moved out of the way. When it happened again, I didn't move fast enough and not only did I get butter on my shirt, but I also got butter on the signature part of the wallet (but not on the suede part, thank God!)!!!! So I was standing there at the soda dispenser, getting seltzer out of it, scrubbing my wallet like a madwoman!! I didn't care about my shirt, I just wanted my wallet to not have a spot on it. The spot did come out, however my shirt is still stained (I did try cleaning it after I scrubbed my wallet), but my wallet looks great!
  9. BF laid on his futon and I suddently asked him "Where's Speedy?" and he quickly got up and my Speedy was squished. LOL. It popped right back into shape and he was more concerned about it than I am cause he bought it for me. LOL!
  10. I was at a nail salon and the manicurist spilled some of the green stuff (I don't know what exactly it is or is called) INTO my petit noe. It didn't stain too badly. It's already an old piece but I still freaked out a bit!
  11. flew back from a business trip a few weeks ago and my luggage wasn't on the plane..i was freaking thinking i'd never see my chanel, kooba or LV bags again! luckily my luggage arrived safely the next day.
  12. I was at a vegas buffet and my Gucci hobo fell into the sauce!!! I was horrified and tried to remove the stain with water. Now I have an oil spot the size of a dime. It is now my whatever bag. :P
  13. puggy scratchy bum...must cut his claws...minimal damage thank goodness love my large guccissima leather Gucci boston...it is my baby plus my puggy!
  14. In July, my 4-year-old nephew accidentally spilled an entire pint glass of beer into my LV monogram Batignolles Horizontal. :hysteric: It was drenched inside and out, and so were the contents (including LV wallet, planner, cosmetics case, key case). But the kicker is that the bag is basically okay (even if I was freaking out at the time). I wiped it down and later used the Apple leather care conditioner on the vachetta trim (which was already starting to patina before that). After a while, the beer smell went away...

    Another time, one of my LV mono bags was soaked through by an unexpected thunderstorm, and it was okay too. Those bags are really durable. Some of you LV ladies might gasp, but I kind of consider them my "rain/bad weather" bags...
  15. My ex-boyfriend and I was in Monaco and I had just bought my monogram Speedy 30 in Nice. We were walking outside the famous casino and I managed to trip on my wedges (stupid curb!) and I could see the entire scenario pass before me. Fortunately, boyfriend caught me and my speedy didn't get a single scratch. did manage to spill water all over it couple of days later tho.. *nothing like brand-new-bag-anxiety*.