What was your FIRST ever LV?

  1. Hi, do you remember what style your 1st LV was?
  2. Monogram Musette Tango and Pochette Accessoires from DH. :love:
  3. Ellipse PM:love: (still have it and LOVE it).:smile:
  4. Mine was the petit mono bucket with cosmetics pouch.
  5. white Multicolore Pochette Accessoires. my dad brought it back from Korea for me :love:
  6. Monogram Looping mm :yes: still has it and its in great condition !( my first gift from my b/f now my DH hehehhe......)
  7. this is* my first lv. a gift to me by my cousin. i use it as a purse, since it comes with strap. :amuse:


    *is because there's no 2nd piece yet. :Push:
  8. Mine: Monogram Pochette, 2nd: Fuchsia Vernis Lexington
    My mom's: Monogram Speedy 30, 2nd: Monogram Trocadero
  9. My first was the monogram Pochette Accessoires. :amuse: I still have it, and use it a LOT! I will never get rid of it, I love it too much.
  10. Manhattan PM - a gift from my DH
  11. This worn out love of mine was my very first :heart::heart::heart:
  12. A White multi colour alma.:amuse:
  13. My mono Speedy 25 :love:
  14. A cabas piano that I regret giving to my sister :sad:
  15. Mono mini HL and damier papillon 30- both bought on the same day! They were my very first pieces. :love: