What was your first ebay purchase & how was your experience?

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  1. I just had my first zero feedback buyer, who paid right away I might add, which made me think about MY first purchase.

    It was almost ten years ago, it was a 28 x 36 acrylic painting. Super cheap around $10 maybe (the price should have been a big red flag). The guy offered mounting for an extra $10 and I ended up paying around $35 including shipping. When I received it, it was "wrapped" in a broken down cardboard box with sloppy staples and tape. I was so disappointed because the painting was NOT the same as pictured! It looked like he was selling paintings by students because it was a bad copy of the one on the listing. Being new, I had no idea what to do. I did not leave fb and neither did the seller. I ended up being donated to Goodwill, but I did learn a good lesson and I'm a lot smarter about buying on ebay! :P
  2. My first experience has been very pleasant. Having heard many stories, I m not so hopeful when i did not receive my dress after 3 weeks.(International!) I decided to let it pass after I emailed seller that I am unable to leave her any feedback since I dd not receive the dress. She replied that she has posted the dress ( I didnt ask for signature confirmation). About a week later, she emailed me again, the dress was returned to her as she didnt write my address correctly! She was so sweet, saying it was her fault and so she mailed them to me again at her own cost. I got the dress. Its such a beautiful experience. :smile:
  3. Mine was way back from 2007. It was for a tokidoki bag and I met up with the seller by her office building. Smooth and easy... But the following nine purchases were another story --- most of them turned out bad LOL
  4. My first purchase was smooth sailing...lately, however, there seem to be
    more challenges than I care to deal with.. mostly misrepresentation of condition
  5. I signed up with ebay in 2006 because I found a rare controller for DH's playstation that he'd been looking everywhere else for. I signed up and bought it the same day. I received it quickly, was very happy with it and left the seller positive feedback, who then left me feedback. It was a great experience. After that I was hooked! I only bought for another few months, then started to sell. Now I still do both. I have had a couple problems along the way, but am happy to say I haven't been burned too bad yet.
  6. I only buy small items on ebay, things like phone cases, old video games and comic books. All of my purchases was smooth sailing, and the sellers were friendly and quick to ship.
  7. An MK bag a while back. The transaction was very pleasant, top-rated seller, fast shipping. But I remember after paying I started browsing other bags and saw multiples of the style I purchased for much cheaper and felt foolish! I definitely wasn't as savvy as I am now lol.
  8. I totally agree! Aside from my first purchase, I got a bag listed at new and it had some sort of darkened areas all along the top! In the pics it looked like a two tone or shadow. I actually liked the color a lot so I kept it but then sold it a couple of months later. I was VERY honest about the condition and someone bought it at almost the same price as I paid. Now I ask questions about condition even if it's listed as new since even new stuff can have stains and such.
  9. A (very) fake LV :cursing:
  10. My first purchase was for a book (Pretty In Pink/movie book), & it went fine.
  11. Mine was a purse my daughter wanted. We had seen it at Macy's and it was much cheaper on Ebay. It only cost around $50 and the seller offered free shipping. She sent it express mail! I remember wondering if she made any profit. Unfortunately, I was a newbie and I didn't leave feedback. I still feel bad about that since she was a wonderful seller.
  12. love my 1st purchase. Vintage canisters :smile: well packed
  13. A Dooney and bourke bucket bag way back when Dooney was "in" lol
  14. It was a bad one, unfortunately. I bought a Marc Jacobs jacket that came to me with stains. I felt so cheated and had no idea how to go about getting my money back. It made me stay away from ebay for a while.
  15. It was 11 years ago and I have absolutely no memory of the experience!