What was your first DVD/VHS purchase?

  1. The Lost Boys - VHS
    Edward Scissorhands -DVD
  2. I don't remember what my first VHS purchase was, but the first DVD that my husband and I ever purchased was 'The English Patient'. Love Love Love that movie so much!!!
    Now we have a DVD collection of over 200 movies.

    The last DVD's we purchased were today...'Hot Fuzz' (the funniest move I have seen in a long time) and '300' (Gerard Butler major hottie).
  3. I don't remember the first DVD or VHS that I bought. There are people out there who do?
  4. First DVD - Ghost World. I don't remember first VHS.
  5. First DVD - Now & Then! One of my favourite movies, ever :heart:
  6. cant remember VHS but Miss congeniality was my first DVD, dont even know why i picked it its funny but an average movie, i should have got something more memorable.
  7. Don't know and now I watch movies on the net.
  8. VHS I can't remember.

    DVD I think was "barbie's the princess and the pauper"
  9. VHS has got to be a Disney movie... We collected them when I was little ^^

    DVD...Hmm, I went with my dad to buy some DVD's when he got himself a DVD-player short after it was out, and that included LOTR and Minoes (from Annie MG Schmidt - you must've heard of her!). But I think my first DVD I bought myself must've been something from the Olsen twins... I was about 11 yrs and totally loved those...