What was your first Designer Handbag?

  1. Ok so lets all go back to the good ole days , before we all went broke on spending too much for all these beautiful, fabulous handbags! What was your very first designer handbag, that you purchased with your own money, loved it till it fell apart and showed off to anyone who would look? Mine was an LV Speedy Monogram and I still have it today! I took that bag everywhere, I think I even slept with it! lol So tell me your stories, because i'm up late and bored, just humor me =)
  2. Burberry pochette. Still love it, but I don't use it as often as I used to.
  3. my Chanel travel line medium flap bag in black....still have it and love it :love:
  4. Fendi black spy... sad to say, but I don't love it as much as I used to... :cry:
  5. A red Coach wristlet. I don't know why I was so excited about it back then. :lol:
  6. A Coach. This was back when they were all leather and it was a black shoulder flap bag. I was a college student, it was my only bag, and I never could wear it out.
  7. A small Bally white leather tote with cut out, I brought it after saw it in Vogue magazine.
  8. A Burberry small tote. Love it to death...still do.
  9. my very first and only designer bag (at the moment....am currently on the hunt for another one :biggrin: )
    is my chloe chocolate paddington bag.
    i worked my but off for two months saving for it and was worth every penny as i love it sooooo much!! (and cost per use is practically nothing, as i use it almost every day!)
  10. Lv Damier Marais!...........
  11. Burberry tote :smile:
  12. Mine was a Louis Vuitton Petit Noe back in 1992.
  13. small prada handbag in 2002
  14. Brown Fendi Spy last fall....that started the whole craze, and now I"m here, lol
  15. A black leather Longchamp briefcase. I have since given it to my mom to use...