What was your first Chloe?

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  1. Hi All!
    I recently bought a Chloe Paddy off eBay from the nicest PF-er I ever could meet. It's my first Chloe and I am totally in love. I opted for the blue-greyish jeans moyen and am pleased to find out it's more neutral and goes with way more stuff than I had expected! I bought it very gently used and it looks just great, I couldnt have found a cleaner bag, unless I bought it brand new. I am so in love with the thick and soft and slouchy leather.... I wish I could just climb into my purse and take a nap!! I cant wait to buy my next Chloe and I'm pretty sure I'm addicted (as if I need another "have to have" brand).

    When and Where did you get your first Chloe, What style was it, and was it Love at first sight for you, too?
  2. My very first Chloe was the Edith in Whiskey back when everone was on a wait list for them (I just happend to be on NM on line at just the right time), but I returned it for a whiskey paddy from Jags SA in Mich. I love my bag:love: I also have a black edith bowler, and a black edith with mess. strap. I also own a few from coach,mj,botiker,and le sportsac....however Chloes will alway be my first love. They make such beautiful bags and they smell great (except for my paddy I don't know why)!! I would seriously carry my paddy everyday....no matter what I had on....thats how much I loved it!! Even if I look like hell at least my bag looks great:amuse:
  3. My Whiskey Edith was my first,and i would just look at it,but still have never used it. My second was my Red medium Paddington and I fell immediately in love with it. Then I got front pocket in cream color and i switch off between those two. I love my Edith, but since it's summer, I haven't figured out a look for the Edith as i don't work in an office. i swear Chloes are completely addicting:nuts::heart:
  4. My first chloe was the whiskey/taupe tracy. I was so excited when I bought this bag, I would just take it out of the closet and stare at it:drool:. The first and only time I carried her I received so many compliments, which fueled my :heart::heart::heart: even more. I only carried her once because I became so addicted to chloe that I kept buying more and had to alternate my bags:upsidedown:. However, 10 chloe's later, I still can't wait until the winter so I can bring her out again!!!!
  5. My first was taupe paddington (s/s 06) from Luisa Via Roma, she is still one of most carried bags. Since then my chloe collection has been growing and growing, it's a never ending obsession! :p
  6. My first was one of the first series Paddington in tan, followed by a Paddington in grenat, Edith and Bay ...
  7. ahh so glad to find you found such a lovely condition first Paddington, and that you are feeling the love.

    My first ever chloe was the first Bracelet bag to come out, it must have been going on almost 10 years ago now, and I still have a picture of it!

  8. ooh and I also managed to get the Vanilla in 05 which was the very first batch of Paddintons. It was THE nicest leather ever, the first ones were so different to the following, slightly larger, slouchier and just so darn soft ;)
  9. Chloe-babe that bracelet bag is simply breath-taking....!!!! :drool::drool:
  10. My first Chloe was a Paddington when it first came out. It was from Neiman Marcus. It was love and first sight/touch. I've been hooked since.

    I haven't seen anything this season that I have to have.
  11. paddy, my one and only. :biggrin:
  12. My first Chloe was a grey Edith when Ediths first came out, she's been through many a spill but has still come out looking great, she's the kind of bag that willl age well I think.
  13. My first Chloe was from the first batch of 05 tan paddingtons.Oh,the anxiety of clicking through a *very* slow moving net-a-porter and actually bagging one of these seconds before they sold out!!

    I've subsequently purchased a taupe unquilted Bay bag.

    When will Chloe make a nice bag again? I've been terribly unimpressed subsequently.
  14. Mine was a Whiskey Paddington. :heart:
  15. My very first Chloe (and the one that attracted me to the brand) was the whiskey Edith. It was the first season it released and the wait list was ridiculous. I called every NM and Saks in the US and ended up ordering two of the same color (whiskey) so I could choose the "better" leather.

    My second Chloe was a 2005 chocolate paddington. Then came my 2006 whiskey paddington. And finally a red buffalo skin silverado.

    Sadly I sold all of them in favor of Balenciaga - but Chloe will always remain as one of my favorite handbag designers!