What was your first Chanel eBay success story?

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  1. I have never won any of the Chanel auctions I have been in, even when I have put in good offers, bidding against others right up to the last minute etc nothing works.

    I even tried to sell one of my bag once, even though it was rare, limited, hard to find etc it still did not sell.

    So to inspire me and perhaps some of your good luck will rub off on me, what was your first eBay Chanel success? either as a seller or buyer.
  2. Sorry, I was feeling abit down in that first post, I have 2 more months working in the Middle East until I am entitled to R&R :sad:

    But hey the seller got back to me with a counter offer which I could not match fully at first but I have now bitten the bullet so to speak, decided I REALLY do want to have something to look forward to when I am back in Blighty and so have now matched her counter offer! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Going to try and do as many extra hours as I can for the next two weeks!!!!

    So so excited, hope the transaction goes smoothly as I have never brought anything this expensive on eBay before. Wish me luck girls!

    Last but not least a big thanks and hugs to Smooth for authenticating it for me!
  3. chanelbaby, I can totally understand how you feel. Sometimes I wanna bid for an item but fear of being ripped off or worse bid for a fake, especially since some fakes can be so real. Imagine buying a fake for a few thousand, worse walk around with a fake unintentionally.

    i dont mind paying a little more for an item that is totally sold out in the store, as long as its a authentic one. I just bought the red medium caviar with the bijoux chain online. Praying hard that its really authentic and beautiful as mentioned by tpfers.
  4. my first chanel purchase on ebay is a coco cabas in caviar leather... i got it for a li'l bit above retails as it's almost impossible to find em below retails on ebay then and even til now.
    i was lucky to find it from a PFers
  5. I have never bought or sold bags on eBay. What bag did you buy?
  6. do any of you use the buy-it-now option instead of bid? i saw like tons of Chanel BIN auctions on ebay. never bought any Chanel this way though - i'm curious cos BIN seems to save you a lot of time and energy. it sounds like the easy way out. imagine after days of obsessing and lusting you end up losing out on the auction at the very last minute! i would be so miffed :yucky:

  7. I am over the moon :wlae:, its a Black Vintage Jumbo Lambskin with gold HW!
    Love it to bits :heart:, can't wait to see her IRL :yahoo:
  8. post modellin pic once you get it.. and congrats on your first purchase through ebay...
  9. I have never brought or sold bags on ebay. However I did win this brooch from Chanel on ebay. I have brought from this seller before (he sells Chanel bags, im sure many of you would know him if I said his username)

    the brooch is black large C's with a black globe on it with little rhinestones on the main continents. I love it, however I dont wear it as often as I should.
  10. I bought quite a few of my Chanel bags from ebay - obviously authenticated here first!!! :tup: All have gone relatively smoothly thankfully.
    Usually, if there is an opening bid with a BIN, I contact the seller to make an offer... and it goes from there.
    chanelbaby - I'm so happy you got your vintage jumbo..XL too!!! Can't wait to see it!!!

    BTW, my first ebay success is my 1st Chanel - medium hybrid flap in balck
  11. I got my 2nd chanel bag on ebay at the beginning of 2008! The listing was so convincing! It looked so good in the pics and it was truly a beauty when it got to me in 4 days after my payment! All the way from Canada to Australia in 4 days....boy, was I impressed!!

    It was a vintage flap, a size bigger than the mini but slightly smaller than the small/medium. It was in an amazing condition! My 1st time buying something so expensive on ebay! The seller offered me a counteroffer since my best offer was close to what she wanted. I had my doubts whether the counteroffer was genuine becos it led me to a spoof website! I contacted the seller thru the listing and she tried to assure me that it was all legit! In the meantime i emailed ebay abt the spoof website to check all this out, but it was taking too long. After a few days of pondering, i decided to give it a chance! (seriously didnt know what went thru my mind to accept the counteroffer!) :sweatdrop:

    I paid for the item and prayed really hard that the seller was legit and that the item would arrive. And it did!! Phew!:yahoo:

    I have just gotten another chanel recently from Japan. Its on its way as I type this! But you can never be sure until the bag arrives in your hands...
    *praying hard again* :shame:
  12. I've bought the following Chanel off ebay with no probs, mind you they were usually BIN options with best offers attached.

    2007 red caviar jumbo with bijoux chain
    2006 small DS flap in black
    2006 large DS flap in black (after selling the small one)
    Just now Luxe ligne patent flap (awaiting delivery)

    I got the last 3 well below retail and I only paid slightly extra on the red jumbo because it was so hard to find. I also bought some gorgeous Chanel pearls with pastel CC's at a really good price.
  13. I bought Chanel bags on Ebay, but they were authenticated here, by our wondrful ladies.
    Congrats on your bag. Post pics when you get it!

  14. I always use BIN.. you are right, I can't handle the days of lusting and obsessing! I've bought at least 5 Chanel items off ebay, mostly BIN. The one time I recall using the old bidding method, I was nervous till the last minute and sat on the computer for 2 hours just waiting to see what the bid would go up to.
  15. With the exception of my very first Chanel purchase (which was bought off Craigslist.com), all of my older bags were bought off of ebay. I've only received one fake although the pics on the auction were of an authentic bag.

    I love the older bags but now limit my purchases to sellers that I've bought from in the past and know the quality of bags they sell.