What was your first car?

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  1. As a teenager I had gone to a high school where some kids drove BMWs/Mercedes/Acuras to school, but not everyone. There were kids who drove old cars even though their parents were pretty loaded. Do you think that those parents were doing the right thing by not just handing a expensive car over to a teenager? And what was your first car? Brand new? Used?
  2. My first car was a 1998 Volkswagen Jetta. It was brand new. I got it after I got my first job so I had to pay some of the monthly payments. I too went to school with kids who had brand new Benz (some were 100k) and BMW's. Most of those cars got totaled and a couple kids I went to school with got killed in accidents (like racing their M series BMW.) I wonder if their parents ever regretted their decision putting their child behind such a powerful machine.
  3. until I could prove that I was responsible enough, I drove our old 1987 Volvo 240DL. I actually liked that boat of a car, I drove it until it died, then I was able to get the nicer cars.
  4. mine was a BMW Z3 roadster ;) i had the best car out of my whole senior class ;) there were older BMWs that'd been around 10+ years but mine was pristine. i was hated for it too, i know, but that sucker cost me $200 a month to my dad since i helped pay for it, and that can really put a dent in your bank account when you're working very little hours at minimum wage. lol.
  5. Mine was a 1999 VW Jetta. It was bought for me by my parents once i got my first job because they bought the car but i had to pay for the rest (insurance, registration, gas etc.) I drove it for 3 years then gave it up for an 07 Toyota Yaris (4 door not the hatchback). I love the gas mileage on this thing! :tup:
  6. Honestly, my mom drove me to school until I graduated and I alternated between borrowing my dad's Ford F150 truck and my mom's Cadillac Deville when I needed to go out. Then when I got to college, I got my Escalade. I've never really been big on driving around myself though so a car was never quite a necessity for me.
  7. I got a 1979 VW Rabbit when I was 15. I actually bought it when I was 14, right before I was even old enough to drive. I'd been saving my $ forever because I wanted a car so bad. It was maybe 10 yrs old when I got it(?)

    Then when I was 16, almost 17, I got a full time job because I wanted a Porsche and I bought myself one. By then I had already started college though. It was a used car, maybe 6 yrs old. I loved that car soooo much!

    My parents never bought me a car. I have always been sort of a workaholic but I also feel I really wish my parents had bought me a car. However, when I was in high school, even though I had that ****ty VW some people thought I was "rich" because I was 15 and had a car. That was after I'd transferred from a snooty private school to a public school.
  8. I still have the same. A Renault Clio. Quite smal car but hey I'm no Schumacher!Hehe...
  9. You must be very proud of your achievement.It's not very common for a teenager to work to get a car.At least where I live.
  10. mine was a brand new 2001 black Ford Ka, it was so cute, i miss it!
  11. technically the first car i drove was my parents' lexus is. i always reminded myself that it was THEIR car and not mine to show off and act snotty about. the first car i bought on my own ironically is an 07 lexus is. very fond memories with that car hehe. but even though i was spoiled by my parents. i wish they had either let me pay for some of it, or bought me a much cheaper car to use.
  12. I actually made it all the way through university without a car (gasp!). I either walked or bummed rides from friends and took the train from my college town to Seattle (a miserable 5 hour haul) when necessary.

    Anyway, after I graduated university in 1989, my folks treated me to a 1984 Mercury Topaz. Burgundy, 5-speed manual. Hey, I was in no position to be picky. It was a great car for the 5 years I had it!
  13. I had a 1992 beige colored toyota camry that I lovingly called Ralph. I upgraded to a 1997 sky blue camry while in college and last year bought a 2006 salsa red camry... Hmmm... see a pattern here??
  14. The day before I got my license at 16, my dad bought me a used 1995 BMW 325i..
  15. toyota Rav4 - 2 doors. was my 18th b-day present (age you are allowed to drive here) - and my mum put a huge bow around it. so cute.