What was your first Balenciaga bag?

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  1. I don't believe this thread has been started. So curious to know what was your first balenciaga bag that started your love affair? Post pics if you have.

    Mine was 2007 Plomb City GSH.
  2. this should be fun!:smile: my first was the first style! but shes not with me anymore. here's a picture tho..


    First Emerald Green 2006 :smile:
  3. Mine is the '11 Veux Rose Town.
  4. 2008 Pale Magenta City! Sold soon after but I was hooked into Bal colors and leathers :smile:
  5. 2009 Bubblegum City! It has gone to a new home coz then it was daunting to care for such a light col leather bag. I now have a few shades of Pinks in my bal family.
  6. Mine was a Parme First 2010, so sad that I sold her :sad:
  7. my first is a 2011 anthracite Work. didn't want that color, was contemplating on BL but thought it was too loud. bought a Work because I thought the bigger the merrier since I was paying so much for a bag.. lol
  8. Caramel First. She's long gone but I still love the First style and at the moment I have a Black and a Mandarin.
  9. '06 grenat Day - gorgeous bag but it was just not really my colour.
  10. ok here she is...
    photo 1 (2).JPG
  11. 07 Jaune d'or city with RH. Started my crazy love affair with Bal; still have her!
  12. '10 Canard rh day
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    07 Vert Gazon GGH City, that was the bag that started it all!!! I sold it couple of months ago
  14. 2009 Black GGH City
  15. 2010 Blue Roi RH City....insanely soft!