What was your first bag?

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  1. Don't know it this topic has already been discussed...but...
    What was your first real splurge on a bag? Why did you decide to get it too?

    Mine was my LV monogram musette tango, my bf bought it for me as a Christmas present 4 years ago.

    At first I thought LV's were ugly and I would never spend that kind of money on one. But then I realized how classic they looked and the rest is history! (along with my bank account, sanity, etc! hehe)
  2. my mom got me a red wool coach demi for my 11th bday. starting me out right! :biggrin:
  3. Popincourt Haut, last summer. :smile:
  4. Yes, I too not a fan of LV before. Until I got my first speedy and it is rockin that's how I got sink into this!
  5. My first was a fendi black zuccan black baguette.
  6. I bought a little pink Coach optic pouch- I still have it eventhough I've sold most of my Coach's on eBay so I can buy LV.
  7. first designer was my little coach signature demi in khaki.. actual first splurge was on my dior girly boston bag
  8. There is something about bags.....they just add a little nice touch to any outfit. Wait! My first bag was a burberry a small one.
  9. My first really good bag was a Gucci Hobo .
  10. My boyfriend bought me my first coach bag for my sweet sixteen last year :love:
  11. Mine was a big red leather Coach duffle in 2002. I recently sold it.
  12. LV Damier Papillon 26, I was 19 (I'm barely turned 21 now).
  13. The first designer one was a black leather prada that I got while studying in Rome in 2001.

    Its smaller, I use it when I get dressed up for some evenings, it looks nicer, but isn't formal, if that makes sense? Like not dressy enough for me to wear it with a gown. Perfect size to fit cell, camera, money and some make up comfortably.
  14. I had owned a bunch of Koobas, then at 16 I was given as a gift a Brown YSL Mombasa (which started my handbag addiction). The first bag I purchased was a Black Balenciaga Classique (which stated my Balenciaga addiction), which was when I was 17/18 (I can't remember)
  15. I didn't get my first designer bag (see above) until I was 29. Before that I guess it was just no-names and cheaper stuff like Fossil or Ann Taylor or Banana Republic, etc. No fakes, ever.