What was your first bag?

Jan 25, 2006
Don't know it this topic has already been discussed...but...
What was your first real splurge on a bag? Why did you decide to get it too?

Mine was my LV monogram musette tango, my bf bought it for me as a Christmas present 4 years ago.

At first I thought LV's were ugly and I would never spend that kind of money on one. But then I realized how classic they looked and the rest is history! (along with my bank account, sanity, etc! hehe)
The first designer one was a black leather prada that I got while studying in Rome in 2001.

Its smaller, I use it when I get dressed up for some evenings, it looks nicer, but isn't formal, if that makes sense? Like not dressy enough for me to wear it with a gown. Perfect size to fit cell, camera, money and some make up comfortably.
I had owned a bunch of Koobas, then at 16 I was given as a gift a Brown YSL Mombasa (which started my handbag addiction). The first bag I purchased was a Black Balenciaga Classique (which stated my Balenciaga addiction), which was when I was 17/18 (I can't remember)
I didn't get my first designer bag (see above) until I was 29. Before that I guess it was just no-names and cheaper stuff like Fossil or Ann Taylor or Banana Republic, etc. No fakes, ever.