What Was Your First Bag - EVER?

  1. What were you carrying when you finally decided you needed a purse? This question occurred to me during a discussion on another thread about little girls (some as young as four) with designer bags. I wondered what someone so young could possibly have to carry around that they wouldn't put in a backpack or that wouldn't already be in moms purse or dads pocket. I remember when I coaxed my Mom into letting me have a purse, which she saw as ridiculous because I could carry my backpack to class and didn't go out without adults yet. I won, but looking back I was such a dork. Tell us your first purse, and then for fun how about what you went with next as a "step up", and what you had in it. Here goes -

    7th Grade, 1995

    First Purse: No-name mini backpack. Hunter green canvas with a brown faux suede flap w/buckle to close it. The canvas part had a drawstring, of course. We (we being every girl in my entire junior high) thought we were cool because you slung both straps over one shoulder.

    What Was Inside: Pens, black eyeliner stolen from my mom (wasnt allowed to wear makeup), "pencil case" designed to look like a pencil case but actually had assorted lipgloss inside, Mintaburst gum, and of course - a scrunchie.

    Second Purse: Sadly my step-up was the same bag but in maroon with a pebbled "leather" flap, and the straps could zip together to make one strap.:graucho:

    The horror.
  2. My first bag ever was a Christian Dior Doctor Satchel Bag that my Mom let me borrow in 9th grade. I ended up ruining it because ink spilled out inside of the whole thing and leaked.
    Then I had a series of really gross Robinsons May hobo bags.....and then I was into my Louis Vuitton Speedy that my grandpa gave me for my 18th birthday.....
    and so it goes.....
  3. I started with a mini DKNY backpack. It was black nylon with silver buckles.
  4. No clue, I have been obsessed with handbags since 8th grade, I can recall the bag I spent my entire allowance on. It was a black shoulder bag and it was about 40$... OMG I felt like a queen.
    keep in mind 40$ back then and in grade 8 was a lot.
  5. I started at age 9 or 10 with a Liz Claiborne convertible purse that was $28. I can remember wanting it so bad! My mom couldn't believe that she was spending that kind of money on a kid's purse. Now (after my Chanel purchase while were shopping post-Xmas), we laugh about that Liz Claiborne bag.
  6. Oh, Lordy. When I was in junior high school the "It" bag was a monogrammed cotton shoulder bag from a local shop. The more ratty and dirty your purse was, the cooler you were!
  7. 16 and a saddle colored faux leather satchel.
  8. I started at 16 with a black nylon Nine West. I bought it at full price with money from my first job and remember thinking I was pretty cool to have such an awesome bag :rolleyes:

    I think the bag was sort of inspired by the nylon Prada totes and black nylon Kate Spade stuff that was popular at the time. Anyway, I kept my wallet and origins lip remedy in there. And I never carried it to school, only out to the mall/social activities, because for some reason it was not cool to have a purse at my high school (backpacks or messenger bags only). this was in the late 90s. I am sure things have changed.

    Anyone else go to a HS where it would have been considered weird to carry a purse?

  9. Ha. In HS when they finally put the collective foot down on carrying backpacks to class we all had to trade in our little purses for the absolute biggest purses we could find. We managed to get away with anything you could carry on one shoulder even if it was the size of a Honda. After that anyone with a stack of books and a tiny bag was looked at like a weirdo.
  10. Oh my gosh I am 41 so I barely remember but I think it was a blue jean back pack that I got tons of marker stains in. Oh it was special.
  11. As I was thinking about it, I called my mom to ask her if she remembered me BEGGING for that mini backpack. She remembered that I waited until we went to dinner right by the Eastlake Mall and then asked for it. Apparently its still in her closet...maybe Ill bust that isht out and wear it this summer. HA.
  12. Well technically my first purse was when I was 3. I had this super tiny probably pleather red purse in the shape of a heart. I put my matching heart sunglasses in it and my Hello Kitty lip gloss. LOL! I was a VERY prissy child and definitely a sight. I almost died laughing when I saw my little 4 year old cousin this past Christmas and she wearing the exact purse but in pink.

    I didn't really start wearing a purse until I senior year in high school, but even then I only wore it out (never to school). My high school was one of the ones where it was considered uncool to carry a purse at school- Jansport backpacks worn really high were all the rage. Some girls carried a purse with their backpack at school and they were considered, like, so uncool. haha. Then when I went to college I wouldn't have been caught dead with a backpack- it was all about the tote bags.
  13. Kate Spade messenger bag that my Mom's friend gave me. Years later I went in to Nordstrom because a plastic piece had kind of snapped and I wanted to know how I could get it fixed or what and the lady at the counter just handed me a brand new bag. No questions asked, nada. It was unreal! I still have the bag to this day.
  14. Hmmm...I remember having a Liz Claiborne bag too...and you also HAD TO HAVE the Liz Claiborne perfume in the triangular bottle!!! My first bag purchase that I remember loving was a small brown leather bag from Talbots. I know I must have carried it till piece by piece it just dissapeared...because I have no clue of what became of it!
  15. ^^^Thats so funny about the perfume - I remember that when I was growing up - I guess 3rd or 4th grade - that Xclamation perfume was all the rage. It was considered "perfume" and not "body spray" like Loves Baby Soft (yuck, but I wore it!) so we were all dying to get it. If you got the set it came with a little plastic zipper pencil case with the symbol all over it. I thought I was SO COOL when my older cousin gave me her case to take to school.