What was your favourite wedding gift?

  1. One of my best friends is getting married in 6 weeks or so and I'm on a mission to buy the lovely couple the perfect gift. I would really love to get them something that they'll have forever (and have to bring out of hiding every time I come around :p). They haven't been living together for long and aren't completely set up so I'm not really limited by what they already have.

    So I would love to hear about your favourite gifts from your wedding! Or if you've been to a wedding and given something that you know the couple were stoked with I'd also love to hear about it! I want to soak up all the inspiration I can :p

  2. Sorry if I sound too "frank".... When we were married, our favorite gifts were cash. I know it doesn't sound sentimental, but we started our marriage with nothing and had wedding debts. The money really helped us in our expenses and we sent out cards to each one telling them how much the money gift had helped us.

    From experience, we usually give a money gift everytime we go to weddings.
  3. My favorite gifts were the practical and the pretty. I think my two favorites were my Cuisinart, which was a pricier item that I thought I wouldn't get, and a beautiful vase from Tiffany that I use all the time.

    If I could add in the worst gift, it was a monogrammed silver plated ice scoop with what the giver thought were going to be my initials, but they were wrong because I didn't change my last name when I married. I currently use it to scoop cat food out of the bag.
  4. my favourite gift to give is tiffany crystal.
    the wine glasses and vases.
    im not married yet but im putting le creuset at the top of my list along with good egyptian cotton bedding. sometimes the simple things are the best.
  5. I'm getting married in less than 2 weeks, so I can fully answer this question later. :graucho:

    But I know what my grandparents are getting us and I'm quite excited. They're getting us a VERY nice pots and pans set. We've been living together for a while and don't "really need anything", but our pots and pans collection is put together here and there and a lot of it should be tossed, so I've really excited to have a nice set!!!
  6. friends of ours didn't have much money, so they gave us a modest amount of money (which was very generous) and a photo album of our wedding. the cover had our invitation, and the inside was filled with photos. it's one of my favorite gifts, and most thoughtful.
  7. Asians just give cold hard cash..yup best gift ever
  8. A very fancy wrought-iron candlestick given to me by my best guy friend. Accompanied by the following: "If you get tired of him you can always hit him on the head with this"
  9. Of course cash is great!!!

    I really enjoy using our crystal for entertaining. It's a very classic style. I love to bake so I also use the Kitchenmaid mixer we received.

  10. Yknow what the best gift Ive gotten and in turn have now given?

    I take a TON of pics at the wedding and reception, get them all developed and printed and put them on a CD as well, deliver them to the B&G the morning after the wedding, with a bag full of snacks and ziplocs and magazines for their honeymoon flight.

    My aunt and another friend did this for me and it was the greatest ever, they brought it to the gift brunch and we got to see it from other perspectives.

    I always give $50-$100 cash as well. It's easier to have cash on hand for the honeymoon and you don't have to worry about who is signing which check to deposit.
  11. Usually when I go to weddings, I give a card with a couple hundred dollars in it. Sometimes, along with cash, I would give them something sentimental or something to remind them of times. For example, a wedding that I am attending in february, I am also going to give a blown-up picture of the groom when he was a kid, and it's a funny picture and it's like a joke among the whole family. Things like that. :smile:
  12. My favorite wedding gift was from a dear friend and his wife. They have made it their life's goal to live modestly, so they made our wedding gift. The wife used calligraphy to write a bible verse on parchment paper about Love, and the husband made the wooden frame. It is wonderful and irreplaceable.:tup:
  13. So do Italians!!! Whoohoo!!! Ours was mostly money, we got a lot of gifts at my shower....but I'll have to say that I loved the Lennox vase I got...it was in our wedding colors. And I loved our dish w/ our names and our wedding date on it. Also, I loved the customized bottle of wine that we got, with our names and our wedding date on it. This person also have us a kit to turn the wine bottle into an oil lamp. I thought these gifts were special and sentimental.
  14. I always give the Tiffany Harmony bowl.
    But my favorite gift was from my BF's mother. It is a beautiful simple door knocker than is engraved with our last name. We ended up moving around a lot after we got married and it made every house feel like home.
  15. We got a stone bowl (colors blend together) and we have used it everyday since we unwrapped it!

    That was 7 years ago!