What was your favorite vacation -- ever ???

  1. I love love love to travel and haven't seen a post like this yet so thought I'd start one.

    My favorite trip has to be Bali (the people, scenery, resorts, culture are just astounding), followed by Thailand, and a business trip to Cambodia. This is our Bali webalogue

    For shopping -- Italy (oh dear heavens !!) and Paris.

    Most overpriced duty free? Singapore Airport -- the Pradas are more than retail in NYC.:cursing:
  2. I would love to go to the Far-East, need to narrow down exactly where I want to go.
    My favourite holiday was a week in Cape Town followed by a week in Mauritius. Cape Town has great sights, Mauritius not so many but we had fun seeing them anyway (coloured sand - come on people!)
  3. Most hypnotic: Lake Como, Italy Have to mention Egypt as difficult but awesome and of course, Paris, which I consider my second home and the most beautiful city in the world.
  4. Mine was my recent vacation in April and May. I flew to Rome then took the train city to city up to Venice. I wanted the local experience--metro,bus,where locals eat,& people watching. From Venice, it was a 12 hr train ride to Paris. Every year I try to go to a different place and I learn from previous travels. Tahiti is on my next list.
  5. I have traveled to many great places, but I think one of the best places I've ever been to is Bora Bora. We had this great view of Mt. Otemanu which was beautiful. Also we lived in this big chain of huts that stand over the beautiful crystal light blue ocean. The beaches had the finest, whitest sand I've ever seen. The huts had glass bottoms so you would always see turtles and fish and such underneath. It was truly an amazing experience. Perfect honeymoon destination I tell ya! ;) An example I just found online of the place we stayed at--

  6. My favorite vacation was in June, nearly two weeks in Paris and five days in London.

    I'd been before but this time was magic because I was doing what I wanted, not what someone else had planned for me to do...

    It would be followed by a trip I made to Athens, Greece when I was in college. Its so beautiful.
  7. Might sound kind of silly, but my favorite was last summer, when my FH (then BF) took me to New York City for a few days. I'd never been before and I was like a little kind in awe the whole time! We walked all over the city, snapping pictures and had the best time together. :smile:
  8. I have to say Philly because it's the first time I went on a trip with my bf.
  9. Another vote here for Bora Bora, it's one of the islands we visited on our honeymoon. But I have to say I cherish ALL my vacations. I haven't visited too many places but I'm working on it. I've been to London, Paris, Seoul, Tahiti, Mexico and Hawaii so far. So many places, so little time!
  10. My favorite vacation ever was when my husband and I traveled around Europe for our honeymoon. We started in Venice, then to Istanbul & Kusadasi Turkey, Athens Greece, The amalfi Coast in Italy, Pisa, Monte Carlo, Nice, and then finally Barcelona Spain. It was an amazing 2 weeks!
  11. Sailing the British Virgin Islands on a 50-foot sailboat for a week. We had the most incredible time.
  12. My first trip to Italy. Well, actually I studied abroad there for the summer. I think about it pretty much every day. We lived in an apartment in Rome and took weekend trips to Florence, Pompeii, and Capri.
  13. Wow, this is a tough call. I have traveled all over the world, but much of this travel was done before I met my DH and I now enjoy traveling so much more with him! I would have to say our honeymoon in the Caribbean was amazing, 3 weeks, 3 islands just perfect.
  14. Every time we went to Negril, Jamaica.
  15. Pompeii is pretty amazing! We went there as well on our honeymoon.