What was your favorite childhood toy?

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  1. It's so much fun to see what others liked and remember fun toys! I don't think I had an absolute favorite, but a few I liked:

    -American Girls Dolls - I have Felicity, Kirsten, and Samantha, these were my absolute favorites, so beautiful! They are all packed away now for future kids in the family.

    -Barbie and the Rockers - they came with tapes!!

    - Hot Looks Dolls - I don't know if anyone remembers these, they were large, flexible cloth dolls with plastic heads. They wore the best of 80s couture and plastic jewelry. I adored them!

    - Breyer horses - I must still have 40 of these things packed away at my parents' houses.

    How about you ladies and gents?
  2. Fisher Price Little People and Barbie. I also colored and read a lot....but mostly, the great ourdoors...I loved swmming and any and all sports...oh, and baseball cards.
  3. Barbie and Lego
  4. I think I'm a tad older than you ladies. My favoriate toys were:
    Flatsy dolls
    Kiddle dolls
    Dawn doll
    Baby Grow a Tooth
    Lite Brite
    Kerplunk (splg?)
    Don't Break the Ice
    Barbie dolls with Barbie Camper
    Shutes & Ladders
    Old Maid
    Go Fish
    Pogo Stick
    Hoola Hoop
  5. I used to love making clothes and furniture for my Sindy doll (UK equivilent to Barbie)
  6. We must be from the same generation!
  7. I'm an 80s kid :amuse:

    My Little Pony
    Pound Puppies
    New Kids on the Block dolls (Joe was the best looking :nuts:)
    He-Man and She-Ra
    Care Bears
    Cabbage Patch Kids
  8. Tools and wood were my favorites. For Christmas when I was 10 or so years old, my Dad bought me a tool box full of real tools, nails, and a bunch of pieces of wood. Next year he gave me a pocket knife and special carving wood, because I had begged for it for so long; I almost didn't get it because they definitely didn't want me having a knife at that age). I built makeshift tree houses, tie racks, everything I could, lol.

    The second toy was shared by my sister and I. We had a huge Playmobil Victorian Mansion and all the people and furniture that went with it. It was passed on to our cousins later!

    My other favorites were:

    -My Little Kitty/Puppy: small soft plastic toys with silky hair, and most of them had a special scent to them, like Lilac.
    -Grand Champions: I collected these until I literally had no more to collect, and that must have been when I was around 11-13.
    -Popples: I loved my popples, lol
    -Yum Yums stuffed animals: These were stuffed animals that had candy/sweet names and appearances. Like Jelly Bean Jumper was a hot pink bunny with glittery jelly beans on her belly and smelled like them too! Sis and I collected as many of these as we could find, until they stopped making them.
    -Cupcakes Dolls: They had fluffy skirts and pretty hair, with a cupcake hat as a top, and when you flipped their skirts up, they folded into a cupcake!

    I also had a big Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles phase at one point, and later on in middle school, I collected tons of Star Wars toys and books.

    I was an 80's child also :biggrin:
  9. Barbie
  10. American Girl dolls!! I had two when I was younger and I cherished them. My younger sister plays with them now... along with 6 other dolls of her own. I used to dream of going to the one and only American Girl place in Chicago... but I was only able to order through the catalog. They opened another AG place in L.A. last year, and my sister goes there almost every month :wtf:

    Makes me wish I was eleven years old again!! Oh well... that was my first obsession. Now its all about handbags :smile:
  11. I was an 80's child. My favorites were:
    My Little Ponies
    The Carebears
    Strawberry Shortcake
    Barbie (especially Barbie and the Rockers)
    Rainbow Brite
    The Pound Puppies
    Cabbage Patch Kids
  12. :yes:

    I also loved Popples. And Teddy Ruxpin!

    I loved Breyers and other model horses. My best friend and I were horse crazy and would play with them all the time.
  13. I was also an 80's child.

    I loved My Little Ponies and had the stable, Remember the ones that came out that were velvety feeling?! :nuts:

    Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins. I had so many!

    Barbie (Especially California Barbie, California Midge and the Hawaiian Miko doll. She had looong black hair and a bathing suit.

    Rainbow Brite (Her and her dog!)

    The Pound Puppies (oooh, i had the big ones and the little ones!)

    Cabbage Patch Kids and Koosas. (Koosas were the animals.)

    Other than that, i LOVED stuffed animals, sticks, dirt, grass, and anything outdoorsy. lol
  14. had to be my Polly Pockets, Barbie Dolls & My Little Ponys!
  15. ^ I loved Miko and California Midge!

    I forgot about Rainbow Brite and Strawberry Shortcake. I had Strawberry Shortcake silverware, plates and bowls :nuts: