What was your Favorite Bag Purchased in 2008:Just One!

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  1. I know that 2008 is gone but was organizing my closet today and thought of all of the bags I bought in 2008 and wondered which was my favorite? Hands down even more than the Richard Prince Weekender Pulp LE was my Manhattan GM-I just :heart: this bag!

    It would be fun to see what bag stole your heart in 2008 too..

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  2. This is HARD!!!! But...have to say my


    (followed closely by Alma MM Pomme & Gris Mahina XL)
  3. i'd have to say mine was my white MC speedy...
  4. Poch. Bosphore Damier. My only bag purchased!
  5. ohhh gre8dane-That hurts- I sold mine and never even carried it-WHat was I thinking????:cursing:
  6. White WC speedy 35! Made me fall in love with the 35's!
  7. beige tahitienne pm!
  8. my trevi pm... its been so great for travel... brown leather handles make life easier on the go!
  9. Neo Cabby MM :love:

  10. I only got one LV bag last year, a Damier NF MM. I use it every day as a work tote or a baby/mommy bag. I think it is my most-used bag ever!
  11. Tough question! But probably my Manhattan PM, followed my Trevi PM and blue Suhali Lockit. As for accessories, I'm still in love with my violette french purse!
  12. It's definitely got to be my Graphite Renzo. : )
  13. its got to be my Monogramouflage Treillis:


    it still has my heart :love:
  14. Nomade Speedy:smile:
  15. My epi noe was a nice surprise. I like it more than I thought I would.