What was your Favorite Bag Purchased in 2008:Just One!

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  1. I know that 2008 is gone but was organizing my closet today and thought of all of the bags I bought in 2008 and wondered which was my favorite? Hands down even more than the Westminster Flap, My Favorite was the Portbello Shopper-I:heart:this bag!!!

    It would be fun to see what bag stole your heart in 2008 too....

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  2. This is so tough! I love them all!
  3. #3 Jan 14, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2009
    Great thread...yet, at the same time - a hard one.:Push:

    Can't we have: favorite vintage, favorite new, favorite red, favorite white, favorite black, etc., etc....hehehehe.:P

    Ok, let me think a while longer....:girlsigh:

    Oh, yeah...favorite bag received as gift....
  4. Oh mine is definitely the Grey Reissu 227. I think I like reissues more than classic flaps now lol.
  5. LOL K, this is like asking to pick a favorite child. :P If I *had* to pick one, it would definitely be my metallic purple 227.
  6. Just one, huh?! Have to think about this, will get back to you :biggrin:
  7. Still thinking...this is hard...would have been a lot easier if I had not bought so many bags:faint:....you are killing me with this thread....

    :popcorn: still thinking....
  8. I was all set to say 09C Red Jumbo and then Jenn reminded me of metallic purple:heart:. But then there is also my small black rodeo drive, and my mango glazed lambskin jumbo... It's just too difficult to pick one.
  9. ^^LOL Mon. I was going to say the red caviar jumbo as well, but I do love my metallic purple the most. I usually get bored with bags and send them off to the chopping block. My metallic purple is definitely here to stay.
  10. No Wonder we have to buy so many all year- You are right-One is definitely not enough!!!:P
  11. I know you get them all and I just pray that when it is one I really love that you will cast it off like a bad step child in a heartbeat :roflmfao:
  12. Pass me the popcorn please, LOL!

    It's a tie between my salmon pink Cloudy Bundle and burnt orange glazed lambskin Jumbo.... I think.... I love my matte black reissue too.

  13. You look great K! O M G, you got the westminster flap?!?!:wtf: :faint: :heart:
  14. I say pick the Mango-such a special HTF bag!:smile:
  15. If it were me, I would say the Burnt Orange Glazed Lambskin- SUch an amazing bag!!!