What was your best LV bargain/deal!!!

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  1. authentic only please...:roflmfao:
  2. MC cles.. 30 something, it was under 40$ but yeah, awesome !
  3. Cabas piano for $350 perfect condition except for some candy pieces stuck to the interior. they cleaned right out with a Tide To Go Pen
  4. Theda bag $1,100.00 ...at the time sold for in stores for over $2100.00 plus
    (plus my Cherry Speedy...Bought it shipped for $700.00.....Lately they are selling for over 1,200.00 to 1,500.00)
  5. Trocadero in good condition for approx. $80
  6. My burberry bag for $60 and sold it for $120.
  7. I have to start surfing eBay more often!!!:graucho:
  8. Never bought on eBay only from the Boutique which is never a bragain!
  9. Yellow Epi Petit Noe for $100 US
  10. To scared to buy from eBay, with all those crazy sellers:rant::cry:
  11. Panda pochette! After moving from Tokyo:cry: I was able to get one quick without getting gouged before they caught on.
  12. :shocked: Irene, you will enter a whole new world of addiction! Trust me!:shame: :lol:
  13. i got a vernis lavender key holder for $30 :smile:
  14. wow...you guys got some really good deals *jealous* you'll have to let me know which sellers you used.

    I got my red epi jasmin with the strap for $650. Though, i never use the strap, haha and neither did she.
  15. I've only ever bought one thing from Ebay. It was a LV sm. agenda, I got it for 185.00. I had ruined my other one trying to make it fit a palm so I had to get another one and I didn't want to pay full price again. At least I got some money off.
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