What was your best job?

  1. After reading and posting twice in Megs' cab ride thread I am inspired to ask you ladies what was your best job and why?

    Mine was being a cab driver. I fell into it after working in the office for a year and a half-they made an announcement that there would be no raises that year and I worked with the drivers booking them out, taking their cash, assigning cars, etc and they all said I should drive so I went to my boss and said I love working here but I need more money so I'd like to try driving so he let me lease by the hour I worked inside from 3-11 and I drove from 11-whenever, the dispatchers were feeding me at first we were all friends but then I just picked it up and within a month I was driving full time! I did this for 4 years I leased the car so basically I was my own boss as far as when and where I worked but I was out there every night the money was fabulous, I had a lot of fun it did not feel like work at all. I've done a lot of things in my life I waitressed, bartended, was a bank teller, then I did the corporate thing and I ultimately went back to that, "retiring" (permanent disability) from what will be the largest telco in the US which would fall under the "worst job thread"
  2. The best job I had was a Store Manager of a start up clothing line out of downtown LA- anyone hear of I.S. or Interstate jeans, clothing? The BEST parts were displays, marketing and buying. I loved it until the DM accused me of stealing $400!! I was so upset, but oh well what goes around comes around. I have had about 30+ jobs since I was 16 and each one I HATED- I do not like people telling me what to do, I love working for myself and running my own business. NOW 2 kids and a marriage later my best job is being a mom and selling avon (to myself), I am also president of my local chapter of the moms club. Best jobs I have!!
  3. When I was younger, I'd say when I was a model. I got paid to have people put clothes and jewelry on me and do my hair!

    Ironically, when I was older, my best job was when I was a Fashion Director for a major department store. I got paid to figure out what the models would wear for our live fashion shows, and I also selected and styled the models for our catalog shoots. Great fun!
  4. Ironically, my 'best' job was one of my toughest. I was in the import/export business and slaved away over a hot desk :lol: processing paperwork and was constantly on the phone with shippers, steamship lines, airlines, truckers, warehouse workers, customs, FDA, you name it. I had a demanding boss who was pretty pompous and caustic at times but boy he knew his stuff.

    So...why did I like this job? I learned more about organization, communicating and multi tasking at this job than anywhere else. I learned so many skills that I still draw upon today and try to develop further.
  5. I've only had a handful of jobs so far and the best was being a Resident Assistant at my college. It's not a job int he real working world but that's the job I enjoyed most so far. I'm still at the job I have right after graduating (and I hate it).