What was your "best deal" or "greatest find"?

  1. I think my best deal was the NWT Black OP Ciao Ciao $49.99 BIN on not-so-evilbay last week. My greatest find was my Black OP Mamma as they are more rare.
  2. Foresta Dolce- $64 from Azalea (now Tobi)
    Spiaggia Gioco- $67 from Macy's one day sale
    OP Mamma- almost at retail price from eBay
  3. CR Stellina for 79$... though it hasn't arrived yet and it's just been a major stress due to incompetent seller.
  4. my citta rosa corriere. A few CR pieces were found and shipped to the outlet in hawaii and i was able to snag that and a porta about a month ago.
  5. Citta denaro for $25. Fumo porta for $30. After that, my trasporto avventura that I just got for $175. Not as good a deal, but good enough. :tup:
  6. I got my Pirata Luna for $78.75 at one of the Macy's holiday super sales. It was $210, marked down by 25%, and then 50% off that price.

    Then I got my Pirata Stellina at the next sale for $58.50 ($130 - 25% -40%)

  7. wow! i'm so jealous. i always bought my bags at the LSS stores and plus I have to pay Hawaii retail prices! Somehow I can never find good deals on eBay like everyone else.

  8. Same here! Hooray for Macy's!
  9. I'm quite :shocked: to hear about all these AMAZING deals!! :wtf:

    The only great deal I've had was getting my Black BV and Black angioletto for $130 SHIPPED! Slightly used but the condition is great! I love them to bits!

    Other than that.. I got my AS zip up hoody from Macy's for around $78 total. It was 90-something and on sale at 25% off then my cousin got an extra 20% off for opening a Macy's card! :tup: Still kinda pricey for a hoody but its a TOKIDOKI hoody ;) haha.

    I wish I could find awesome deals like everyone else! I never seem to find them on evilbay!
  10. My best deal was my Paradiso Campeggio I got on eBay. It was listed as a used Stellina, but I could tell it was a Campeggio in the pics - I got it for around $70 and even though it was lightly used after I used my trusty magic eraser it was good as new. My greatest find was my Foresta Campeggio that I got on Ebay. I just love it!
  11. that makes 3 of us with a pirata stellina for $58...lol i also got a paradiso ciao ciao, bambinone & dolce--all for about $145, tax included. another time, i got an inferno porta for $28. most recently, i got an AS zucca for $83--i think that's my greatest find because i was craving one at the time and found it at a great price.

    gotta love macy's crazy sales!!!
  12. wow, so many of people found such great deals on toki!!!:tup:
    ive bought most of my bags from ebay (all were cheaper than our hawaii prices) and a couple I got from Lesportsac...I wish Macys would sell tokidoki bags so all of us hawaii girls can get those deals!!!
  13. BV Inferno for $64 and Citta Luna for $80+ from Macys.
  14. I was looking at this thread and thinking I've never gotten a deal on any of my Toki's. Then I realized I did get one. I got a Tutti Denaro, brand new, for $49 and it had my favorite freckle-faced cactus kid on it.
  15. I got my barely used black/ OP bella bella for $58 total on ebay. I love it and carry it almost everyday.