What was your 1st?

  1. What was your 1st "authentic" high-end designer purse (GUCCI, LOUIS VUITTON, CHANEL, etc.) and at what age did you receive this? How much did it cost at the time? Did you buy it or was it given to you? Finally, do you still have it? :confused1:

    Here's my answer...I bought a black GUCCI purse while in Hilton Head, SC on Spring Break. At the time the purse retailed for around $299.00. I was around 16, I believe? I still have it, now it's vintage GUCCI! I should take a picture of it and show you all - maybe if you have it, post a photo of yours! Wouldn't it be fun to see what purse triggered our superior taste in designer handbags.
  2. I got a Fendi purse when I was around 15/16. My mom bought 2-3 Fendi purses at one time and gave one to me. I still have it somewhere, though my mom actually may have it now because she wanted to carry it on vacation.
  3. Mine was a Kate Spade and then a few months later a Fendi and a LongChamp bag bought them on the same day!
  4. My then-boyfriend bought me a Castillian Red Vuitton Epi Soufflot, since we had admired it in the window at LV in London, and it kind of looks like my dog's body shape. that was... 1997? 1998?

    Otherwise, it was massive amounts of Kate Spade when a friend of mine got involved with the company at the very beginning.
  5. mine was a vintage lv petit noe about 4 yrs ago, i got it on ebay at about 100$
  6. Damier Papillon was my first high end bag... that was about 2 or 3 years ago, & since then, I haven't been able to stop!
  7. does Coach count? that was my first "designer" bag...i got it when i was 17 in high school...saved up all of my "Chinese/Viet New Year" red evelope lucky money and got it!!! It was a Coach duffle bag for about $350.

  8. My first designer bag was an LV Speedy 30. It was $560 (only 1.5 years ago). I splurged on myself as a reward for having a "rea" job after college.

    And yes, I still have it.
  9. my first higher end bag was a LV sonatine (my parents brought it back from a trip to france for me), but i had bought a lot of coach and a burberry before that. i think at the time it was mid $500 range, can't remember.
  10. mine was Lv mono pochette, parents bought it for me at the dallas galleria, i was around 9...either i have it or i gave it to my cousin, i dont remeber... it was around 230 i think it was about 6 years ago...
  11. mine was the large wonder bag from Marc Jacobs' very first line of bags. Circa 2000. Light beige and buttery soft. It was $1200 and I bought it as a present to myself when i got a promotion at work. It was great, but got trashed really fast and i sold it 2 years ago to a collector on Ebay for $350!!
  12. I got a DKNY antique calf tote for $200 back in 2004, but my first really high end bag was a Donna Karan Bryant bag that I got in February on sale for $595. It originally retailed for $850, so I just couldn't pass it up.
  13. MOSCHINO waist bag/pochette (I still have it!!!:nuts:)!!!
  14. Louis Vuitton Batignolles Horizontal for $900 (I think).

    I got it this year and I'm 48.

    I bought it for myself.
  15. Dooney and Bourke AWL satchel. Around $250 in 1992 or 1994 when I got it (mid 20s), not sure of the exact year. I still have it but haven't carried it in forever.

    I got my first Prada when I was 33. Nylon dark green satchel on Bluefly.com. I still have it too! :yahoo: