What Was Your 1st Job?

  1. This is my first time posting in the GD section!!
    Well, Im 20 and I've never had a job before, but Im thinking about finding one this summer to support my selfish splurges. I am curious as to how you made your debut as a woking class citizen. Did it suck, as I imagine all first jobs do?
  2. COLD STONE CREAMERY...ice cream. yum

    I made $6 an hour.

  3. Party City during Halloween, and yes, it did suck. I watched parents grab costumes out of the wrappers, hold them up against their kid, and if it didn't suit, they just threw them on the ground and moved on to the next one. The Halloween aisle had to be cleaned every 10 minutes.
  4. My first job was when I was 14, but I only worked November-December for Holiday help. I worked in a small store in my area. I hated it because there were tons of people that would come in and thought they were better than everyone else and the boss would watch EVERYTHING I did. I only made $7.50 per hr. but it gave me some money to buy stuff I wanted.
  5. My first job was the summer I turned 16, right before I started 12th grade. I was a checkout girl at a local grocery store. My cousin worked in the office and the manager went to my church, so I just eased on it. I lasted a good two months, as my parents didn't want me to work while school was in (not like my extra curricular activities would have allowed it). I made next to nothing, but back then I didn't know any better. I just liked having some extra gas money and pocket change.
  6. I just had my first job this summer- and I'm 20! My parents wouldn't ever let me have a job when I was in school. I graduated from college in May but had to stick around until August when my lease was up and I could move. Since there was no school I shopped allll the time and needed more money- so I checked jobs on campus and was fortunate enough to get a graduate assistant job at the school of business- it paid $12/hour! It was awesome and the people I worked with were super nice. I don't think any job will ever live up to my first one! My one now sure doesn't haha.
  7. Some of you up north and in canada will know this one. My first job I started the summer before Junior year in HS. I worked @ Tim Hortons for $7.50/hour
  8. This is an aside, but it surprises me that so many parents won't "let" their kids working during school. What's the rationale behind this?

    I got my first job when I was 15 as an admin in an office. Still there now, seven years later.
  9. My first job was as a student assistent at my University when I was 19. I made $5.50/hour. My parents wouldn't let me work anywhere else because they thought it would interfere with my studies.
  10. That's my prob. My dad doesnt want to work while Im in school, but I need money for my little emergencies. Like right now, my kitty is sick but we dont have the money to take him to the vet. See if I had a job I could use my money and it would be no prob.

    I think working at Cold Stone Creamery or BR would be a fun and easy first time job. I bet it's busy in the summer though
  11. At my university library, shelving books, pulling books for people who had them on hold. Working the front desk. Not fun but most of the people were pretty nice that I worked with and it could have been much worse.

  12. My parents, and a bunch of my friend's parents, wouldn't let us work because they wanted us to be able to focus on school and be involved in lots of activities without having to worry about going to work or spreading ourselves too thin. In college, my friends that had to work (mostly to pay tuition or rent) were always so stressed and couldn't get really involved on campus. I got a full academic/music scholarship to college, so my parents considered that my job. Essentially it was, because I was paying for my tuition, room, and board. My mom always said "You have the rest of your life to work." Sometimes I got annoyed that my parents wouldn't let me get a job, but now that I'm graduated and working, I'm really glad they let me just enjoy my high school and college years.
  13. I was 15....worked as a telemarketer!!!
  14. JC Penney Catalog/Customer Sevice for 2.5 yrs.
    I made great friends who I still talk to today, The pay was like $5.25/hour.
    Loved the Associate shopping night! IDK , I had fun.
  15. My first job was at 16 working as a hostess in a small hotel restaurant. I HATED that job! After a few months I was very happy to be moved into the reservations department in the hotel.