what was ur biggest coach mistake/regret

  1. the one that got away? the item that just wasnt right?

    my regret is not buying more coach when i had more disposable income, back in uni.

    i love my soho flap, but find the shape can b a little impractical.
  2. My biggest regret was not getting the bronze signature tote (with the purple lining) 2 years ago, I wanted it sooooo bad but then decided against it because I thought it felt awkward to hold. I hated myself for it! But I finally bit the bullet and got one on eBay. :yahoo: I dont think I have ever been happier with a Coach purchase! Its my all time FAVORITE bag!!!:tender:
    <------- There she is with my dog Finn =)
  3. Considering I just purchased my first Coach :yahoo: I can't say that I have a regret yet. I can say the purse I purchased turned out to be slightly bigger then I thought lol, but it's manageable.
  4. Not buying a nice black signature purse when I was at the outlet in San Juan, they had some AMAZING deals!
  5. Skull Charm...

  6. Buying it or not getting it? :smile:
  7. Did you order the keyfob? :yes: I'm suppose to get mine today via Fed Ex.... :nuts:
  8. NONE!!!! as of today...that might change if never get my hands on the denim signature stripe satchel. :cry:
  9. my biggest regret is my Ali...even though it is a GORGEOUS bag...it's just way too small for me.
  10. My biggest regret was buying a large khaki soho hobo.. only because I never use it because it's such a light shade i'm afraid of getting it dirty.. ><
  11. nice thread.. lets see.. probably my demi even though it was my first coach bag at like age 11 and i was naive (haha). its soo small.
  12. Same problem here...but, tryin to get over it :graucho:
  13. None yet...hopefully never:yahoo:
  14. Not getting a punch signature stripe demi.
  15. My biggest regrest is not getting the lovely lilac and ocelot limited edition Soho from Fall of 2005....sigh.