what was ur 1st gucci?

  1. sorry if this question has been asked, i was just curious :shame:

    my first was a black canvas gg hobo that has a leather tubelike shoulder strap. i dont know the name but i got it like 4 years ago?

    after that i couldnt stop my love affair with gucci. :love:
  2. I think it was 2 years ago? I love her!

  3. mine was a black leather hobo that i got from Saks during their sale.
  4. mine was a medium blue gg tote with red trim.
  5. that is one of my favorite bags. i really regret not getting it when it was out! :sad:

    i saw it at the outlet last month in crocodile. it was still like $900!
  6. Mine was a black/grey pochette, now i don't even use it anymore, it's too small
  7. Wow, my first Gucci was about 25 years ago...My grandparents bought it for me. It's a book bag.
  8. Chocolate Guccissima Princy Satchel and matching wallet. I love this bag.
  9. my first Gucci bag that I bought with my own money
  10. a purple Blondie mini hobo I bought at Neiman Marcus. I miss her! I sold it a long time ago. I hate myself for that.
  11. my first one was august last summer, the abbey tote in beige/brown! i LOVE this bag, been carrying her recently
  12. Horsebit hobo in GG fabric w/ drk brown leather. Still one of my fave everyday bags!
  13. An orange gucci wallet and matching bucket bag nearly 10 years ago.
  14. A biege med messenger bag in 1991. A very well used handbag.
  15. I had a crescent shaped beige shoulder bag that I bought in 1986 at the Gucci store in NYC. I remember being in college and saving ALL my money for 2 summers to buy that bag. It cost $200...which was a lot of money to me back then. I literally carried that bag until it fell apart on me. Every once in awhile there is one up for sale on eBay (under vintage)...and it makes me smile......:heart: