What was ur 1st chloe? My 1st Love- Faye!

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  1. The Paddington, saved up ages for it, I still think I have it somewhere
  2. My first, and only, bag from Chloé is a motty grey Hudson bag in suede, size small. :smile: I fell for the boho vibe it has and bought it a few years ago with the intent of it being a very casual, summery vacation bag. It's really cute and the grey suede is beautiful, but I am yet to take it outside. I really need to start grabbing it at least once in a while, cause it's a shame for it to just sit at home! I was originally looking to buy the smallest size, the mini, but I hesitated and ended up with the middle size due to availability, price (it was cheaper than the mini due to a great sale, and I preferred not to pay more than I already did for a "casual bag" that I would only use in the summertime as I am a student, at least as I was able to get the style for such a steal.), etc, but it is quite heavy for what I intended to use it for (carry my wallet and phone, only) so I always end up reaching for something else and it does not even cross my mind that I have it. I need to hang it somewhere where I can see it so that I don't forget about it, and I'll make sure to take that lovely bag out to see some sun the next time the weather is appropriate for a cute boho type of look! :biggrin:

    Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 01.25.57.png
  3. Chloe Mini/Baby Marcie Satchel in black. I think I got it in 2014 but don't quote me on that. It was a limited edition size, I think.
  4. Just got my Faye backpack! Think I love it more than any Chloe I ever had!
  5. Mine was a Faye too [emoji173]️[emoji173]️ I will love that bag forever! I don't love what the current designer is doing too much, but Chloe is one of my favorite brands and I definitely want to add more ine day!!
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