What was ur 1st chloe? My 1st Love- Faye!

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  1. What was ur first chloe bag? I remember it well. I'll just go into that really expensive department store for a sec then leave. But something quickly overtook me. I spotted the Faye bracelet bag- the contrast of suede & leather, the huge ring (I'm a sucker for circles) & the weird shape. I was done. Could not stop thinking about that bag.... I bought 2 & the rest is history! What's your chloe story? Do tell.
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  2. My first Chloe bag was my recently purchased Mini Marcie in Cashmere grey. My husband bought it for me for my birthday and I adore it. I’m well and truly hooked now and my next bag will be the Nile Minaudière. Very unlike me to want to spend so much on such a small bag but I absolutely love it and think it will be really lovely for when we go out for the evening. I can’t wait to get it!
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  3. Got a paddington back in the day, then strayed away. Now I’m back with two Marcies, and a paraty military!
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  5. The marcie is a great starter bag. I love the grey! Boho.chic. cute. The mini nile doesnt fit phone but who cares Its the perfect unique going out bag!:biggrin:
  7. Cant go wrong with Marcies!:lol:
  8. I just bought the mini faye day in full blue with Chevron quilting :biggrin::heart:
  9. What a great topic idea ! My first Chloe was an Elsie ! I had just had a promotion at work I was super happy and I went to Paris (I’m French) looking for a paddington (this was back in 2011) but I ended up getting an Elsie and I really loved it ! I sold it a few years after and I still regret it to this day. After that I dreamed of a Marcie for years and years I finally bit the bullet and got one last year ️ now my heart is set on a drew I’m just waiting for a good opportunity lol Chloe has my heart
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  11. What a great story! & even better that it involves a trip to Paris. My heart breaks for them after the terrible fire.
  12. Mine too
  13. Just got today! Had to share :heart::biggrin:

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  14. Gorgeous !
  15. My first Chloe bag was a Large whisky edith. Used it on off for 6 months then for some reason decided that is was not for me. Ended up buying another a couple of years after. Although I would say the Edith is not a bag I use the most, I am a sucker for its sturdiness and no fuss. The quality of the leather is devine - and I have learned my lesson. Edith is a keeper
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