What was the worst home repair your DH or SO messed up?

  1. After reading the funny tree trimming thread I had to ask what was the worst home repair that your DH or SO thought they were capable of doing?????? I am sure we have a lot of good ones here.

    1) Trying to paint the house when love bug season was out and having little love bugs stuck to the pastel paint. Also painting in one section and moving on maybe 6 feet on and they going back to where you missed.

    2) Thinking that Gorilla glue can solve any home repair problem, yes it expands as it drys and it next to impossible to get off anything.

    3) Caulking the shower with ????then painting over it with paint that will not stick so the look is beyond tacky.

    4) Putting inside locks on the doors wrong (how to do this?) and in order to open the locked door from the outside you don't need a key, all you have to do is pull the door down and push.

    5) Spray painting something over you new Pergo floor---left a nice stencil mark in the floor but it came out when I scrubbed it.

    6)forget about trying to put together IKEA furniture.......
    there is no hope for this one.
  2. ooh without a doubt it was before the plasma screens on the wall!

    We got one of those brackets that you attach to the wall, with a holder on it to pop a small TV on for the bedroom (v technical back then lol ;)).

    Anyhow, put the holder up, it swivelled and was going fab! went out and bought a cute new tv to fit and the very first night it came out of the wall, taking the plaster, and the bracket and the tv crashing to the floor! It took about 10 years off my life too, with the shock of it :biggrin:
  3. my dad decided to fit a shower room into the space under the stairs in our old house. he tiled it out and got the plumbing sorted and bought the shower cubicle to fit in the small room, only problem was he hadnt measured anything and the shower wouldnt fit in the house never mind the small room. the room was still showerless 6 years on when the house was sold.
    he also bought some dvd shelves from ikea and managed to drill th holes into the cement instead of the brick so as soon as he left go it pulled 6 bricks out of the wall.
  4. Hubby thought it would be brilliant to have a 'dressing room'. Originally, there was a hallway leading to the bathroom in the Master Bedroom. He created a hideous huuuge closet so now to get to the bathroom, you gotta walk through all the clothes...

    Needless to say, it will be changed back!
  5. We sold both our house much faster than we thought. (I had 2 offers within the first 23 minutes of my open house!) So we had to move into an apartment. (Our new house took 2 years to build!)
    Anyway the apartment washer flooded all over the floor. DH has allergies & was worried about mold growing. He took a butcher knife & took it to the carpeting that was wet & just tore it out. This was how he "fixed" it. Yes, we had to replace it & 400 plus holes ($10.00 per hole) in the wall cause we turned a bedroom into a closet. We had to write them a check for $6700.00
    Now we just buy a house before we try to sell our old house. And I have a list of professionals to call if something happens at home now.
  6. Note to self: Do not rent to Vegas Long Legs!

  7. When BF and I were first dating he wanted to impress me with his architectural/design/home repair knowledge so he offered to replace a couple of lights in my upstairs hallway and one in my stairwell which were all sadly out of date.

    Well the ones he picked out were great but they were designed to flush mount to the ceiling and he didn't want to cut the holes bigger. So I now have somewhat funky light fixtures that drop down an inch from the ceiling. It's not the end of the world...
  8. ...growing up I still remember my Mom for some reason let my Dad pick out a color to repaint their sewing/office/guest room downstairs. Keep in mind my Dad is very color blind. let's just say the light citrus neon greenish color he picked out (and had painted the whole room already to surprise her while she was out) was a bomb. A bright bomb, LOL.
  9. LOL!!! :roflmfao:

    My boyfriends downstairs bathroom went ka-put the weekend we were away for my birthday with my friends and family (begining of may). He decided that it would be alright if he fixed it. Him fixing it meant that he took OUT the toilet and turned off the water. It stayed like that until mid July. :wtf: He took showers at my house from may until July! And his sister took showers and lived at a friends house all the time pretty much! Their mom was in Pakistan for 4 months and they didn't bother getting anything fixed until 2 weeks before she came home! The cause of the problem? Grease was stuck to all of their pipes at 120 feet, and he's tried to fix it himself with shoving some tube-ish thing down there, that only reached 100 ft. :rolleyes: I won't let him touch anything like that of mine now!!
  10. OK this is my hair colorist's inlaws horror story so maybe a stretch BUUUT...

    My colorist and her DH took a family vacation and her inlaws offered to stay and housesit. Well, back in the day her FIL apparenlty used to be a handyman type of sorts.

    As a "surprise" welcome home gift they hooked up the water dispenser feature in their new fridge. A DIY project.

    Well, fast forward one year and it was a poorly done job. So bad, they had extensive water damage which had built up over the year and the repair ended up seguing into an entire kitchen gutting and remodel. WOW!
  11. Well y'all know mine LOLOL!!!

    Although there is more....

    the time he tried to unplug a drain in the bathtub....put the snake down the drain and turned on the drill it was attached. It jumped out and hit him in the hand and I had to rush him to the ER. We called a plumber later that day.

    the time he tried to build a desk and everything was upside down, but he didn't really realize it until the end. I had to take it apart and put it back together. He is no longer allowed to build anything.

    I was wanting to stencil a room...so I painted the base coat and the stencils were going to be Ducks in a contrast color (the base was yellow, the ducks were orange). So he comes along and says 'I can do this better than you'. Ummm yah...he messed it up so much that the only way to fix it was to paint ducks ALL over the bathroom. It looked like my bathroom had the measles. Fortunately, the new owner of the house was a duck freak and loved it (go figure)!

    Oh boy...I could go on LOL