What was the price of Perfo Cles

  1. What was the price for Perfo Cles? Should I get it? I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a green one in the store today, it is selling for $230. I am debating between that and Zippy Coin Purse.

  2. I think that's about right, I thought I remembered either $220 or $230.
    I'd actually get the Perfo since it's LE and very cute!
  3. It was $215 when it first came out.
  4. The Perfo Cles retailed around $210 USD if I'm not mistaken.

    I think you should go for the Zippy Coin Purse as it would be more functional. However, the other half of me says you should go for the Perfo Cles as is it close to being sold out.
  5. i'd go for the zippy coin purse as well. the perfo was just OK for me.
  6. Thanks. I like both of them.

    Perfo Cles - LE but expensive
    Zippy Coin Purse - so cute and funtional and just $45 more than the Perfo Cles

    I'll sleep on it for the next few days. Thanks
  7. Perfo Cles. I heard that it is a bit larger than the regular Cles. i regret not getting it over the summer when I saw it in the store. Now they are gone. :sad: