What was the most USELESS piece of LV you ever bought?

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  1. Just wondering if anyone has ever bought or received something LV but totally useless to them....

    I got a LV travel guide to London, but I never went and the book was nothing like a Fodor's guide!!!!
    The sad part was that it was dated!!

    Anyone else?
  2. I can't say that I have any "useless" LV ... but I have some that I "use less" ... does that count? lol:shrugs:
  3. I always wondered what those travel guides were like... can you say a bit more about what's in it? :smile:
  4. I have yet to purchase anything useles... (I'm desperate for money so any LV I have I've probably thought long and hard). Sorry to hear about the travel guide... they seem very extravagant to me !
  5. Vernis heart.
  6. I bought a Perfo Plate, and I have never used it, dont even know why I got it :sad:
  7. I have "less used" bags..
    1) Mono Papillon 16 (too small)
    2) Mono Montsouris (too big & too afraid of vachetta underneath)
  8. ohh and I have two LV Bandanas that I have never worn, I like them but never wear them...
  9. hair cubes. they dont stay in my hair unless i fasten them really tightly and then i worry they might snap.
  10. My epi seller dragonne clutch I never use clutches, they just go inside my bigger bags as extra pockets :p
  11. Awwww why is that? I love these but never got one. I'd probably use it for a coin purse if I did though.
  12. for me it was the Azur speedy 30....I bought it looked at it and thought...hmmm Im never going to use this. So I sold it!
  13. Ahh that used to happen to me until I discovered a trick. You can rearrange the hair band inside the cube for one side to be small and the other bigger. Then wrap the cube around 1 time it works!

    My most useless so far is the Wappity!!
  14. The only useless things I have from LV are all those brown boxes. I have a stack of them that I don't use for anything, but I can't seem to part with them.
  15. MC Shirley. So in love with this bag but it doesn't hold as much as my other clutch, the mono Beverly, which I usually choose over the Shirley when I need an uber small bag. All my other bags & accessories get lots of use.