what was the last thing you lost?

  1. this past weekend i lost my favorite Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses at the beach.
  2. i lost my pink razr phone over the weekend. I am tempted to buy a new phone but with my luck I will find it. its lost somewhere in my house.
  3. The last ting I lost and never found was my car keys, arghhh £130 for a new set, still using the spares at mo as never get round to paying that much.
  4. my Video iPod
  5. A diamond tennis bracelet.

  6. OMG!!! ME TOOO!!!!!!:crybaby:
  7. I lost a custom made diamond ring that I had designed. It was one of my favorite rings. I lost it in the house and think it probably fell off my nightstand and got vacumned up...... My best friend who is my second Mom traded me the diamonds (from one of her engagement rings--she was married a few times) and the ring did have sentimental value. I still hope I will find it one day but know the chances are slim. I sometimes put my rings in a safe place when I am cleaning but I have looked all over for this ring.
  8. ^^ omg thats devistating!
  9. My JOB.
  10. A pillow case.
  11. can't remember.. but the last thing I lost for a couple of days was my Tiffany's Heart Padlock Charm.. I couldn't find it for one week and it finally just turned up. Thank goodness!
  12. An earring to the set my coworker made me. They were really cute too! :sad:
  13. I lost my new Stephen Dweck fresh water pearl necklace this past weekend. I turned the house upside down looking for it. No luck. I'm so POd. I have the perfect white prada dress to go with it. I'm dying.

    Here's hoping everyone or anyone finds their stuff!
  14. Besides my mind? Okay. Two coupons for a free appitizer at California Pizza Kitchen.
  15. My D&G sunnies are always disapering too! I lost my FAVORITE ones (that ive had for YEARS) last February and was so upset!! I got new ones after searching high and low for them, but the new ones just wernt the same.
    Wouldnt you know it, last week I found them WAY up and under my car's seat, I was so happy I did a little victory dance when I found them :wlae: