What was the last thing you bought?

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  1. We don't always buy clothes and bags, and it would be interesting to see what else we spend our money on...

    Yesterday I went to London but sadly I'd maxed my credit cards in TKMAXX the previous week...so all I bought was:

    Lunch - jacket potato and cheese, double espresso

    Put some money on my account for my next custom jeans (had to sell some unwanted costume jewellery to do this).

    What did you buy today??
    (Today I'm being bought lunch, so a no shopping day for once...):smile:
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    This is actually my agenda from yesterday since it is almost 2:00 A.M. where I am!

    Well For Lunch I had a Jimmy Johns Sub! Like $5.00

    Then I had to get gas in my car which was $50.00

    Then the rest of the day I spent out & about shopping!

    I purchased a Luggage Set from Belk's for $59.00

    I just purchased a Blazer & Three Pairs of Sunglasses on Clearance from HSN. The total was a little over $56.00. I can't wait until they arrive!

    Then I did a little bit of early Christmas Shopping Today.

    Women:Towels/Bath Mats/Makeup/Cookware/Jewelry/Gift Cards
    Men: T-Shirts/Sneakers/Hats/Dress Slacks/Under Armour Stuff/Gift Cards

    Waiting to go to the outlets in November to finish the Christmas Shopping! (Spent around $250.00 At the Stores Today (Belk's, Dillard's, Kohl's,Ulta)
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    A subpar mango milk tea drink in a bubble tea shop, my friends and I went in because they advertise that they have broad games to play. And indeed they do, but they charge you to play per/person/hour and we were not paying to play monopoly! So we just had drinks.
  4. For once I didn't spend anything physically, as I was bought lunch by a gorgeous new man in my life..

    I did pay 4 bills online though so it was still an expensive day (£216 in total!)
  5. wow its nice question here.hmmmmm.... last thing was wallet.
  6. A frozen yoghurt.... Yum
  7. used book from Amazon, "The Chaperone" for 7.60
  8. I didn't know - just tend to read shopping, wardrobe and jewellery box.

    I'm sure there are many others the same as there are already responses...

    Yesterday was grocery shopping but too exhausted from date - seeing him again next Friday (yippee) - but may go the village antique shop for Xmas ideas.
  9. Bought this iPod Touch sleeve for my small digital camera. I wanted a nice small camera pouch that can fit inside my equally small purse and not take up too much space in it. But I also wanted it to be attractive and unique.

    After scouring through Etsy for hours to find other (and hopefully cheaper) alternatives, I realized the other cases looked the same to me. So I ultimately decided to purchase that cute, fuzzy pouch since it's so different. I won't have the pouch for awhile, since the seller is international. But I'm sure the wait will be worth it. :smile:
  10. Bought a couple different brands of argan oil.. Can't wait to try them and find the best one ;)
  11. 2 Maybelline mascaras (Rite Aid has a good deal on them right now).
  12. Chanel Wallet on Chain and going on starvation mode for rest this year. ;)
  13. Last thing I bought?

    Would last night's dinner at Arcadiana count? :P
  14. Last thing I bought was new sand and fish for my fish tank! uuugghhhh such an expensive hobby! With all the money ive been spending for this fish tank in the past 5 months id could have 2 burberry purses with a nice pair of boots to match!