What was the last print for bella?

  1. When did they stop making that style?
  2. bella? or do u mean 'bella bella'??? cuz they STILL make bellas.... the bella bella was made in camo playgrounds, tan playground, original print, and original black (not notte)
  3. Oh I didn't think they made a bella for famiglia or tutti?? I didn't think they were making them anymore.
  4. pretty sure bella stops with transporto?
  5. Yeah that's what was said
  6. I think most of us are just waiting to see... I think some people were basing what styles are available just on what Pulse got. Weren't there rumors about the MM being discontinued for Spiaggia or Famiglia? Yet it came out... Since there's been no official word (that I know of) I think it's just best to wait and see.
  7. That's what I've heard also.
  8. Oh so are there bellas for tutti and famiglia?? I have never seen them. And do you mean that they will have a bella for transporto or that tutti was the last one?
  9. i think it means there will be bellas for tutti just not transporto or vacanze
  10. I never saw a famiglia bella either :confused1:
  11. Oh I have only seen a spiaggia bella on lesportsac.com. Where can I get a tutti bella?
  12. Does anyone know if Tutti bellas will be sold in the US?
  13. Anyone???
  14. They did/do have it for the famiglia--that I know for sure, b/c I got it when it 1st came out and haven't seen anymore thou.....