What was the last movie to make you cry?

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  1. Last night I watched "No Reservations " and got teary a couple of times. Abigail Breslin is a good little actress.
  2. Becoming Jane
  3. Brokeback Mountain...i was sobbing so hard at the end. And at the point when Michelle Williams catches Heath & Jake together and she''s holding her daugher and crying.
  4. Cinema Paradiso.. and yeah that was a while ago... my cold, cold heart... lol.
  5. "Click" with Adam Sandler was the last movie I saw that made me cry!
  6. I don't ever really cry for movies, but once in a while my eyes get glassy. Premonition made me a little glassy eyed when the husband(Julian McMahon:love:) dies. I also got tearry eyed for I Robot, I know thats wierd... When they try to kill Sunny and when they free all the robots.
  7. Was it really that bad?

    The Sea Inside made me cry, I never used to cry at anything but it doesn't seem to take much anymore to set me off... Not talking sobbing but a few tears and a lump in my throat.
  8. it wasn't a movie, so I don't know if this counts, but it was kanye west performance at the grammys......I got a lump in my throat

  9. I cried when I watched Click too.

    but it was mainly because the movie had a really good message...it was really sad and I really liked it..I would recommend that you check out if you get a chance to. Basically the movie's message was that you should take a minute everyday and realize what you have in life and that you should cherish it.....i don't want to spoil too much but the message is what made alot of people cry. it's a good movie, promise! :tup:
  10. ^^^I have seen Click, I appreciate what you're saying about it's message but it was a terrible movie. I usually love Adam Sandler films but this one was awful.
  11. Point of view, I guess^^

    I pretty much get a bit teary-eyed watching anything, but the last movie that really got to me emotionally must have been "The pursuit of happiness".
    The dog scene in "I am Legend" also had me almost sob! Guess Will Smith really makes me cry lately O.o
  12. I'm almost afraid to ask, but what's the dog scene in I Am Legend?
  13. will smith's trusty pet dog (forget the name) gets bitten by an "infected" dog while trying to fight it off to save will and will's character tries to cure him but it doesn't work and he becomes "infected" too so will has to kill him and the dog dies in his arms.
    i totally knew the dog would die from the beginning. they always kill the trusty and lovable pet. but it's still sad.
  14. I didn't write it not to spoil the movie for anyone. Maybe you should put **spoiler** at the start of your post?
  15. oops. too late now. sorry! i should've realized.
    then again it's not one of those movies that you really HAVE to see and don't want people to spoil the ending until you do...kwim?