What was the last movie to make you cry?

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  1. Dreamgirls
  2. Blood Diamond - (and I cry at commercials, too!) :crybaby:
  3. The Notebook. I cried too much..it was embarassing!

  4. :roflmfao: I remembered when I was still pregnant. I cried when I saw baby commercials.:P
  5. just saw pursuit of happyness...cried SO much!
  6. The Namesake
  7. I just caught a How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days on cable yesterday.. and yes, I cried! But I remember renting Must Love Dogs a couple weeks ago and bawling my eyes out. John Cusack is so sweet!
  8. Let's see...I cried at the end of The Orphanage and The Great Debaters!
  9. Ohh million dollar baby! for sure! I sobbed!
  10. Alpha Dog.

    I knew what was going to happen, but I didn't realize how heavy it was!
    When the movie ended, I had to put on a happy song and play it LOUDLY.
  11. I've only cried during two movies in my life, Grave of the Fireflies and Dark Water (the original, Japanese version).
  12. I was just posting in another thread when I remembered that I did cry at the end of Three Colors: Red. Just thought I'd add that here.
  13. i cry at everything,,,

    i cried in:
    love actually
    the holiday
    the notebook
    destiny of her own

    cant remember the others, but i cry ineverything, i precict im going to cry in ps. i love you
  14. well, the last movie i cried at was P.S. I Love You.
  15. I watched Steel Magnolias again last night...:crybaby: