What was the last movie to make you cry?

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  1. The Lakehouse
  2. the pursuit of happyness!
  3. riding alone for a thousand miles, a chinese-japanese movie with a GREAT main actor from japan. it's about a father who had a bad relationship with his son, and when his daughter called to tell that his son is in hospital and about to die, he come to his son but not managed to fix his relationship.
    so he try to learn what his son's most favourite things, which is chinese traditional opera, and that his son's wich is to captured this one chinese actor to play from a certain opera called "riding alone for a thousand miles"

    and he pursued to china to fulfill his son's only wish, which is a way for the father to ask forgiveness from his son.
    and on that journey, he go through a lot of obstacles and learn a lot about his son.

    very very beautiful and touchy movie directed by zhang yi mou.
  4. Geez...I find something to cry about in almost all movies. Last on was Casino Royale probably....wait, United 93 was on A&E the other night. It was so sad!!! :crybaby:
  5. We Are Marshall

    I cant WAIT to see the Persuit of Happyness!! Ah!
  6. OMG me too! :crybaby: Of course I pretended my eyes were just watery/itchy from allergies. :P
  7. The Notebook. I've seen it several times on DVD, but the tear ducts never fail to work!
  8. mine would have to be the notebook, it was so sweet.
  9. Last movie to make me cry like a baby was "Eight Below". I'm a mess when it comes to animals. As soon as Paul Walker's character tied those dogs up and left, I started boo-hooing. Cried though the rest of the movie and for another 30 minutes after it ended.
  10. The Holiday :shame:
  11. I watched the Family Stone today and cried... ahh I am such a :crybaby:
  12. I recently rented "Million Dollar Baby". Yikes, that was a tear-jerker!
  13. Eight Below totally made me loose it..I cried a whole bunch and used a ton of Kleenex, and after my contacts kind of got stuck to my eyes.
  14. The Pursuit of Happyness and Rocky Balboa..lol